S5 EP5: Changing Our Relationship to STUFF

20 août 2020
We recycle. But does it make a difference? We donate our old t-shirts. But does anyone want them? We try to shop less. But isn't that bad for the economy? On this episode, author Adam Minter explains the connections between our personal habits and a massive global network of recycling and secondhand markets...and he helps us consider: what would it take to build an economy that didn't depend on manufacturing yet more STUFF? Plus, Adam's own zig-zagging story: from growing up in a junkyard to carving out a career as an expert on the global recycling and reuse economies. This is the fifth episode of Season 5 which explains six systemic problems and profiles six amazing people working to fix them. Tell Manoush what’s going on with your career or company during these strange times @ZigZagPod on Twitter and Instagram or send a voice memo to [email protected] You can also just say hi @ManoushZ

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