S5 EP4: Carrie Goldberg is the Troll Slayer

13 août 2020
Carrie Goldberg‘s legal career changed course the year her ex-boyfriend relentlessly cyber-harassed her. At the time, the First Amendment protected his right to post nude photos of her and file (false) police reports against her. Frustrated and angry, Carrie quit her stable nonprofit job and started a law firm to help people dealing with abusers and stalkers. But, as Carrie explains, she quickly realized that finding justice for these victims required more than taking on their individual cases. She needed a three-pronged approach: come up with a business plan, challenge the law that protects tech platforms, and change a culture that weaponizes women’s sexuality. This is the fourth episode of Season 5 which explains six systemic problems and profiles six amazing people working to fix them. Tell Manoush what’s going on with your career or company during these strange times @ZigZagPod on Twitter and Instagram or send a voice memo to [email protected] You can also just say hi @ManoushZ.

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