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Marc Maron welcomes comedians, actors, directors, writers, authors, musicians and folks from all walks of life to his home for amazingly revealing conversations. Marc's probing, comprehensive interview style allows guests to express themselves in ways listeners have never heard.

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2 août 2021
Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks with Marc about his new series Mr. Corman, New Zealand, growing up on screen, and finding the antidote to social media.
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29 juillet 2021
Lindsey Buckingham talks with Marc about Fleetwood Mac, his solo work, the relationships with his bandmates, Rumours and his triple bypass.
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26 juillet 2021
Matt Damon talks with Marc about Stillwater, Ireland, Affleck, Eastwood, Spielberg, Nicholson, Boston and Dunkin'.
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22 juillet 2021
Sovereign Syre talks with Marc about going from academic excellence to drug addiction to adult entertainment to standup comedy to mainstream show business.
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19 juillet 2021
Mega-producer Rick Rubin talks with Marc about Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, meditation, comedy albums, and pro-wrestling.
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15 juillet 2021
Comic Rick Ingraham talks to Marc about being a product of the Comedy Store, with stories about Andrew Dice Clay, Robin Williams, and Joe Rogan.
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12 juillet 2021
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem talks to Marc about being uncool, collaborations, David Bowie, David Byrne, Sam Lipsyte.
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8 juillet 2021
Writer-director John Swab talks about his experiences using drugs, selling drugs and watching friends overdose on drugs before cleaning up and becoming a filmmaker.
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5 juillet 2021
Danny Trejo talks with Marc about drugs, crime, prison, family secrets, toxic masculinity, Charles Manson and tacos.
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1 juillet 2021
Steven Soderbergh talks with Marc about his constantly evolving style and technique, making movies on the iPhone, and what Contagion got right.
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28 juin 2021
Quentin Tarantino and Marc talk about Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (both the movie and the novel), Manson, Deliverance, dealing with fathers, being a father, and telling lies.
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24 juin 2021
Comedian Erik Griffin talks with Marc about post-Covid comedy, getting laughs as a high school basketball coach, and his time on Workaholics.
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21 juin 2021
Ellen Burstyn talks with Marc about her 60-plus-year career, being a chorus girl, The Exorcist, Martin Scorsese, and the changing landscape of Hollywood.
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17 juin 2021
David Hidalgo of Los Lobos talks with Marc about being with the band for almost 50 years, the LA music scene, and their new album Native Sons.
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14 juin 2021
Anthony Carrigan from HBO’s Barry talks to Marc about succeeding in spite of people telling him he wouldn’t, finally playing normal dudes, and living life like you’re on a chess board.
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10 juin 2021
Jackson Brown talks to Marc about Nico and the Velvet Underground, being a solitary player, becoming a good editor, touring with James Taylor, and the Pacific Garbage Patch.
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7 juin 2021
Helen Hunt talks with Marc about being raised in show business, winning the Oscar and the Emmy in the same year, and why she considers herself the worst celebrity in the world.
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3 juin 2021
Danny Elfman talks with Marc about Oingo Boingo, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons and his new solo album.
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31 mai 2021
William Zabka talks to Marc about redeeming Johnny Lawrence, how Cobra Kai came to be, making his own movie and dealing with the Polish mob.
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27 mai 2021
Comic Andrew Santino and Marc talk about the generational divide in comedy, being unhappy with his first special, living as a lone wolf, and what makes The Comedy Store special.
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