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14 septembre 2019 - 00:01512
Judges said Boris Johnson's official reasons for suspending parliament were unlawful. The prime minister said he hadn't lied to Queen Elizabeth on the issue. Also in the programme: Tunisia gets ready for a free presidential election; Putin gets a bloody nose in Moscow local elections - though he may be coming out of the cold; and Bolton bolts: another one bites the Trump dust. (Picture: The British prime minister Boris Johnson speaks to apprentices in London after the prorogation of parliament. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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7 septembre 2019 - 00:01455
Britain's prime minister suffered some bruising defeats - but an election is coming. The question is: when? Also in this edition: Hong Kong's chief executive backs down over extradition; the US and the Taliban agree an outline peace deal; Walmart deals a blow to the US gun lobby; and India decides nearly two million people in India aren't really Indian at all. (Picture: UK prime minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks in parliament. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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31 août 2019 - 00:01485
Parliament will not sit for five weeks in the run-up to Brexit. Opponents cry foul. Also in this edition: Kenya makes its first oil shipment; big fines for Big Pharma; Iranian women are allowed to watch (some) men's football; and why Emmanuel Macron is emerging as leader of the West. (Picture: protesters outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Credit: Getty)
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24 août 2019 - 00:01470
New part-civilian authorities were sworn in. It's part of a planned move to fully democratic government. Also in this edition: the populist governing coalition in Italy collapses - for the moment, at least; concern mounts about wildfires in Brazil; the Hong Kong chief executive offers an olive branch to pro-democracy protesters; and why Greenland won't be joining the United States just yet. (Picture: Sudanese people celebrate after the signing of a power-sharing agreement between the military and the civilian opposition. Credit: EPA)
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17 août 2019 - 00:01415
This was the week protestors in Hong Kong targeted the airport, when a lockdown in Kashmir stayed in place, and a teenage eco-warrior set sail on a carbon zero trip to America(Picture: Protestors at Hong Kong Airport Credit: Getty Images)
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10 août 2019 - 00:01433
This was the week India said no more autonomy in Kashmir meant more freedom, when UN climate scientists said we should eat less meat, and we heard we may have put life on the moon(Picture: Indian security forces patrol in Indian-administered Kashmir Credit: Getty Images)
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2 août 2019 - 00:01482
This week, Japan removed South Korea from the list of trusted trade partners. Laura Bicker traces the history of the astonishingly bad relations between the two regional powers.
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27 juillet 2019 - 00:01495
Boris Johnson has become British prime minister promising a speedy Brexit. To do so, he's named top Leave campaigners to key government posts. Also in this edition: the president of Ukraine's party of political newcomers wins a majority in parliamentary elections; Algeria says universities should correspond in Arabic and English, not French; China and Russia mount air patrols together; and we go sailing in space, powered by the sun. (Picture: the new British prime minister Boris Johnson speaking in the House of Commons. Credit: PA)
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6 juillet 2019 - 00:01459
Protests against Beijing's influence spilled over into violence. Demonstrators fear democratic freedoms will shrink. Also in this edition: Donald Trump's non-standard diplomacy; the royal split that's transfixed the Arab world; the politics that led to Europe getting two women bosses; and how Taylor Swift is splitting the music world, again. (Picture: the former colonial flag in Hong Hong's vandalised Legislative Council building. Credit: Reuters)
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29 juin 2019 - 00:01522
A father and his toddler daughter drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande. Congress was jolted into action as the US examined its conscience. Also in this edition: President Erdogan of Turkey loses a key election; Germany mulls how to counter the far right; the impact of US sanctions on Iran; and why some politicians are returning bribes. (Picture: A man walks above the Rio Grande near where Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his daughter Valeria died. Credit: Reuters)
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22 juin 2019 - 00:01502
This week's charges thrust Crimea back into the spotlight - and keep sanctions going. Ordinary Russians are feeling the pinch. Also in this edition: contenders to be UK Conservative leader and prime minister are down to the last two; former Egyptian president Morsi dies a prisoner; what happened when a Japanese medical school stopped discriminating against women; and why Donald Trump is struggling to manage the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea. (Picture: The Netherlands chief prosecutor Fred Westerbeke speaks in front of pictures of the four suspects charged in connection with bringing down Flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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15 juin 2019 - 00:01461
Huge crowds protested against plans to allow suspects to be sent to mainland China. And both police and protesters have been more prepared to use violence than in the past. Also in this programme: new protesters for a new president in Kazakhstan; an astonishing U-turn in Russia; a boost for gay rights in Botswana; and the awful splits at the heart of the Sri Lankan government. (Picture: Protesters march through Hong Kong. Credit: Getty)
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8 juin 2019 - 00:01446
Soldiers opened fire on pro-democracy demonstrators, and militiamen roam the city. The hopes which came with the fall of President Bashir seem to have been dashed. Also in this edition: tens of thousands demonstrate in Prague calling for the prime minister to go; ebola cases in DR Congo pass 2000; a Western aircraft lands in Pakistan for the first time in 11 years; and 30 years after Tiananmen, the BBC's Beijing correspondent at the time says the Communist party is still running scared. (Picture: Sudanese forces disperse the sit-in in front of military headquarters in Khartoum. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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1 juin 2019 - 00:01486
Power blocs are changing after last weekend's elections. And the problems of Brexit have tamed other anti-EU politicians' rhetoric. Also in this edition: Saudi Arabia offers an invitation to Qatar; the threat to our bananas; the new Mexican president cracks down on corruption; and why gay people in mainland China look to Taiwan. (Picture: Students in Germany carry an inflated globe and an EU flag in the wake of European elections in which Green parties did well. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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25 mai 2019 - 00:01469
The British prime minister is stepping down. But she'll stay on until a new party leader is elected, in the next few months. Also in this edition: Narendra Modi convincingly wins the Indian general election; the scandal in Austria that's split the governing coalition; why 5G could make weather forecasting worse; and we ask: why are digital assistants so often female? (Picture: the British prime minister Theresa May walks back into 10 Downing Street after making her farewell announcement. Credit: Getty Images)
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18 mai 2019 - 00:01430
President Trump blocks Huawai, as US and China continue their tariffs tit-for-tat. Also, Yemen's rebels end the blockade of ports, but fighting continues; the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, amasses more power; we hear about the aspirations of young voters in India, and re-educating cancer to extend life. (Photo: Chinese shipping containers are stored beside a US flag after they were unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles; Credit: AFP/Getty Images)
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11 mai 2019 - 00:01471
We're threatening a million species -- and we could die with them. We need a completely different mind-set, scientists say. Also in this edition: the ANC wins South Africa's general election - but with a smaller majority; Iran and the US raise the stakes; Erdogan gets a re-run of the mayoral election in Istanbul; and the world's oldest professional football club is relegated from the league it helped to found. (Picture: a banner at a pro-biodiversity demonstration in Paris. Credit: AFP/Getty)
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4 mai 2019 - 00:01455
The Socialist party increased its share of the vote while the right splintered. Is this confirmation of an emerging trend? Also in this edition: the end of an era - and the beginning of a new one - in Japan; an attempt to overthrow the government in Venezuela fizzles out - for now; the British prime minister brutally sacks her defence secretary; and our religion editor on hate crime in the United States. (Picture: the victorious Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez speaks to celebrating supporters after the general election. Credit: Reuters)
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27 avril 2019 - 00:01451
Suicide-bomb attacks on churches and hotels killed more than 250 people. The killers belonged to a local Islamist group, but so-called Islamic State claimed them as its own. Also in this edition: African swine fever hits every province in China; a comedian wins the presidential election in Ukraine; the North Korean leader goes to Russia to see President Putin; and in the wake of the Mueller report, the White House and Democrats in Congress square up. (Picture: funeral banners hang across the street in front of St Anthony's Shrine in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. Credit: Reuters)
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20 avril 2019 - 00:01451
The cathedral survived a devastating fire - just. Now a huge re-building job awaits. Also in this edition: Egypt's parliament votes to extend President Sisi's term of office; Indonesia's president looks to have won another term; and the return of Tiger Woods - top of the pile, again. (Picture: a beam of light penetrates the smoke in front of the altar of Notre Dame after Monday's fire. Credit: Reuters)
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