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13 avril 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we get our hands dirty with some semantics as we try to understand on-screen chemistry, that strange and elusive quality that makes some couples unmissable!
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20 avril 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we're not throwing away our shot to take a break and talk non-stop about Hamilton as a story, as musical theater, and as an important cultural artifact.
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27 avril 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we take a break from pop-culture analysis to play a game of Competitive Casting Challenge!
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4 mai 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we consider three beats, three-act structure and the trilogy in literature and film, from Star Wars to The Matrix!
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18 mai 2016 - 00:00:00
We return to the MCU this week, as we look as the last chapter of the Steve Rogers trilogy, the triumphant Captain America: Civil War!
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25 mai 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss old stories and new twists, the tension between adaptation and originality, and which animated movies we'd like to see in live action.
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15 juin 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss personality tests, identities and tribalism, as well as sharing some big StoryWonk news about our next project!
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1 juin 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss memes and viral videos, from ancient graffiti to Chewbacca Mom.
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30 juin 2016 - 00:00:00
Welcome to the final episode of The Light Bulb, in which we discuss... The Light Bulb! Thanks for listening!
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22 juin 2016 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss our experiences with comics and comic books, from Archie to X-Men, from Buffy to Faith.
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9 novembre 2016 - 00:00:00
First, the good news: The Light Bulb is back! Then, the bad news: we have to discuss the election.
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6 décembre 2016 - 00:00:00
In this episode, we discuss the latest Marvel movie, Dr. Strange!
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