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Swipe out, the podcast about first dates and other awkward situations.

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19 juillet 2018
Our picky New York dater Brad goes on a second date with the politician's daughter from his first episode, and they have a great time. But what's ahead for Brad?
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7 juillet 2018
Our New York dater Brad goes on a first date with a woman he re-matched with on J-Swipe and she's sending all sorts of mixed signals.
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13 septembre 2018
On the season 2 finale of Swipe Out, we recap what we learned from our 3 courageous daters, and hear from Natalie about her final date and finding happiness.
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4 avril 2017 - 00:14:28
On the first episode of Swipe Out, we find out more about why Alix is going on 34 dates, and recap an awkward first date with Ed, a filmmaker with a surprise waiting for them back at his apartment.
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3 mai 2017 - 00:25:01
Alix goes on a date with the man of her dreams, sort of - a guy who is not active on social media. We then talk to LA-based creatives Demetra and Graham about meeting on Tinder, and how some Dutch bartender almost got in the way.
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7 juin 2017 - 00:25:05
On this episode, we recap two dates at different Tiki Bars in LA, one with Alex, and one with Owen. Both weren't great, so we bring forth a case against Tiki Bars, with anecdotes from Alix and three friends of the podcast to back it up.
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16 août 2017 - 00:19:58
Sisterhood of the traveling dater! I go on a date with Ankur in New York City and dang, it's actually pretty great. This episode also covers the importance of healthy breakups and Ankur tells us all about what it's like to work on a creative project with an ex. 
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24 mai 2018 - 00:23:46
In the last episode of Janelle's mini-season, she goes on a second date with a cutie she hit it off with late last year and we recap her 2018 swiping adventures. 
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2 août 2018
Meet our new dater, Natalie - a 36-year-old single woman who is new to Austin. On this episode, she meets Virginia, a chef she's been texting with for a while, and things don't go super smoothly.
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