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Swipe out, the podcast about first dates and other awkward situations.

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4 avril 2017 - 00:28:00
Alix talks to Jesse and Kim, two sweethearts living in San Francisco, about their first date and unloads way too much information on Chris about a date with a bad dude who had a few tricks up his sleeve.
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10 mai 2017 - 00:25:46
Alix throws caution to the wind and goes on a date with a guy from Tinder without fully vetting him and talks to lovebirds Bob and Angeline about how they met almost ten years ago.
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21 juin 2017 - 00:24:27
Alix goes on a dream art date in LA and swirls away in an anxiety spiral about how much she likes the super chill guy who took her on it. Later, Conz and Zach share the story of how they went from swiping right to having 3 weddings!
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31 août 2017 - 00:25:43
On the finale of Season 1 of Swipe Out, we talk about a date I went on with a cool dude in Portland, and recap all the appealing attributes I added to my list of things I wanted in a partner through the first 18 dates I went on. But hold up - did I actually meet my dream partner in the process?
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7 juin 2018
We meet a new swiper! Introducing Brad, a single 30-something living in Manhattan, who goes on his first first date with a woman who doesn't drink. A sober first date? Strap in!
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16 août 2018
Austin dater Natalie goes on second date with her first first date Virginia to one of Austin's best restaurants. Will they have better luck on the second try?
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12 avril 2017 - 00:22:48
Reena and Jody talk to Alix about meeting at a party and we find out what volcanic ash does to your skin when Alix tells Chris about her date with a cool dude named Glen.
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18 mai 2017 - 00:23:39
On this episode of Swipe Out, we talk to Brooklyn couple Ben and Maggie about their real-life meet cute and Alix revisits a recent date with a tall drink of water named Connor. But wait, was it a date?
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7 juillet 2017 - 00:29:50
Lucky number 13! I go on a date with a funny guy I pretended to cat-call from my car! Friends call in funny cat-calling stories, and Andrew Michaan and Andrée Vermeulen tell us about how they met and knew they were right for each other after an epic 3-day date. 
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11 avril 2018 - 00:26:13
Meet Janelle, a 31-year-old woman living in LA who has been single for over 5 years. We'll follow her on her first date with Andrew, an East Coaster who has his shit together - but is it enough to hold her interest? 
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21 juin 2018
Brad goes on a date with someone who calls into his podcast, and Alix confronts him about the way he talked about his date. What is it about men?
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30 août 2018
Our Austin dater Natalie goes on a date and is almost too nervous to talk about it - in a good way. Could this be a thing? Find out when Chris and Alix call her for an update.
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26 avril 2017 - 00:25:10
Alix chats with LA power couple Honor and Zed about and talks to Chris about a date with a hot guy named Sam who fails to mention one minor detail that changes everything.
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19 avril 2017 - 00:25:29
Ridiculously good looking couple Atsuko and Ryan recall how they were DTF from day one, and Alix goes to karaoke with a cute guy with a surprising secret. 
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24 mai 2017 - 00:22:51
A special Houston date with an engineer named Ian! Does it go well or does Alix feel too intellectually inadequate to enjoy herself? Also, we talk to Daniel and Sheela who fell in love at first meow and check out our first dealbreaker call-in. 
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31 mai 2017 - 00:25:50
The last of the Texas episodes! This one features a date with a sweet Austin boy with excellent musical taste who chimes in to tell us what he did and didn't like about his date with Alix. Later, Kelli and Jessi of OKC tell us all about how they became best friends, business partners, and wifeys for lifeys!
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3 août 2017 - 00:25:21
On this episode, I go on a fancy bowling date with an ex-coworker of mine and concentrate very hard to not fart while throwing a gutter ball. Then, my co-host Chris interviews his lovely wife Julia about their wild Brooklyn days. 
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19 juillet 2017 - 00:28:51
On this episode, I go on a date with a handsome rando from Tinder, and it turns out he used to live with someone I know in Brooklyn - but wait, that's not the only weird thing I find out about him! Later on, other handsome men Jake and Ben recount how they met on Grinder back in their college days.    
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10 mai 2018 - 00:31:52
LA dater Janelle bounces back with a fun day date with a good boy at a bad museum but wait - he's a comic? Uh-oh.
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26 avril 2018 - 00:27:57
Our first Season 2 dater Janelle goes on her second date in LA and gosh, what a turn of events. What just happened?
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