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Welcome to the Superwomen in Science Podcast, hosted by Nicole George and Cordon Purcell! We will be discussing the past, present and future of women in science, highlighting a wide variety of scientific endeavours as well as issues facing women in science.

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24 janvier 2019 - 00:47:43
Welcome back to our 16th episode, all about Data Visualization! We start off by chatting about how zines can be an accessible alternative way to communicate science, or advocate for the people doing science. Next up, we learn about science illustrator and botanist, Mary Agnes Chaste. We were joined by the amazing and talented Giorgia Lupi to discuss how her theory of Data Humanism has shaped her career in the field of data viz. We wrap up the episode by talking with Sasha Ariel Alston, an inspiring coder leading the way for the next generation with her book, Sasha Savvy Loves to Code. Enjoy!Zines (free downloadable PDFs!): Lab Notes on Power in Academia Neuroscientist Portrait Project: Two Photon Art: Agnes Chaste read from Rachel Ignotofsky’s Women in Science: Lupi: Website: Twitter: @giorgialupi Instagram: @giorgialupi Pinterest: @giorgialupi Bruises - The Data We Don’t See: Ariel Alston: Twitter: @TheStemQueen Sasha Savvy Loves to Code: us on social media! Twitter: @SuperwomenSci Instagram: @SuperwomenScience Facebook: Superwomen in Science Podcast
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20 décembre 2018 - 00:26:22
Enjoy this bonus episode, where we interview Emily Morris LIVE in Toronto Ontario!A year ago we joined up with Scicomm Toronto to put on a live podcast recording. Listen in as we talk about the podcast, read about Esther Lederberg, a revolutionary microbiologist, and interview Emily Morris, a plant ecology Masters student and amazing climate scientist.ALSO: Don't forget to donate to the GoFundMe Link posted below. Former guest and friend of the pod Vanessa Sung teamed up with a bunch of amazing women scientists to bring Inferior to every high school in 3 Canadian provinces!We hope you enjoy!SciCommTO: Ignotofsky’s Women in Science: Morris: Instagram -- emilysusanmorrisManulife Kids Science:’s Talk Science: Science: us on social media! Twitter: @SuperwomenSci Instagram: @SuperwomenScience Facebook: Superwomen in Science Podcast
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29 novembre 2018 - 00:47:47
In this episode we learn all about space science! We start the episode off by chatting about some recent Nobel Prize winners (and how science involves more than just a few superstars). Next up, we learn about Mae Jemison: astronaut, educator and doctor. We interview Divya M. Persaud, a planetary scientist, writer, composer and all around wonderful person! Finally, we wrap the episode up by chatting with Abigail Harrison, founder of the non-profit The Mars Generation.Nobel Prizes M. Persaud Twitter: @Divya_M_P Facebook: Divya M. Persaud  Website: www.divyampersaud.wordpress.comAbigail Harrison Twitter: @AstronautAbby Website: www.astronautabby.comThe Mars Generation Twitter: @TheMarsGen Website: www.themarsgeneration.orgFollow us on social media! Twitter: @SuperwomenSci Instagram: @SuperwomenScience Facebook: Superwomen in Science Podcast
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13 septembre 2018 - 01:07:27
We have a jam packed episode this week full of interviews with different women and organizations related to entrepreneurship! First up, we chat with KT Lee, engineer and author, about the first book in her thriller series, Calculated Deception. Next, we talk with sisters Ylva and Hilde Ostby about their non-fiction book, Adventures in Memory. We interview Emily Koehne, founder and CEO of STEMily K., about starting a women in science business while in high school. Next, we discuss our thoughts about some Canadian politics and their effect on science policy and education. And lastly, we hear from some young entrepreneurs from Girls Invent about their recent invention!KT Lee Website: Twitter: @KTLeeWrites Instagram: @KTLeeAuthor Ylva & Hilde Ostby Twitter and Instagram @GreystoneBooks Facebook: Greystone Books Website: Events: Emily Koehne Website: Twitter: @stemilyK Instagram: @StemilyKforgirls Walsh & Gibbs op-ed Evidence for Democracy Open Letter is My Body Doing? Invent Website: Follow us on social media! Twitter: @SuperwomenSci Instagram: @SuperwomenScience Facebook: Superwomen in Science Podcast
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15 août 2018 - 00:36:19
Welcome back to our long awaited 13th episode! In this episode we rave about scicomm star Maryam Zaringhalam and her recent article on flipping the narrative about women in science. We read about the fab Mary Anning, and then get to chat with Mariana Di Giacomo, PhD candidate in Preservation Studies and fellow at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History! We wrap the episode up by highlighting The Bearded Lady Project and She Found Fossils book.We're so happy to be back in the podcasting game, after finally wrapping up our Master's theses (pending approval)! We missed the podcast a lot, so this episode seems extra special to us. We hope you love it as much as we do!Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @superwomenscience Website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comMaryam Zaringhalam Website: Twitter: in Science Di Giacomo Website: Twitter: @MarianaDGiacomo Instagram: @marudigi Uruguay site: Facebook: @arroyodelvizcaino Twitter: @arroyovizcainoThe Bearded Lady Project Website: Found Fossils
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1 avril 2018 - 00:03:17
We are releasing a never before heard interview; the only interview SWS ever did with a man. Let us know what you think!Twitter: @SuperwomenSci Facebook: Superwomen in Science Podcast Instagram: @SuperwomenScience Website:
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28 mars 2018 - 00:53:35
This week we talk about entomology and BEES! Join us as we discuss #BugsR4Girls a movement on Twitter about showcasing women in entomology and supporting a sweet young bug lover.Then we read about Maria Sibylla Merian, a wonderful woman who's love of bugs led her to South America, where she published a book of all of her wonderful illustrations.Next, we interview Meghan Barrett, a passionate and creative scientists who's love of bees has led her to wonderful and interesting places. She talks about fantasy, war, and her motivations to keep going.Smore Magazine, a science magazine for young girls, is featured next. It is a beautiful magazine filled with great pictures and content to motivate any young girls to see the wonder and beauty of science.Finally, Cordon talks with Meagan and Sorina from the University of Alberta Women in Chemistry group about their upcoming LOGIC retreat.Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @superwomenscience Website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comBugs R 4 Girls a reminder that we're reading from Rachel Ignotofsky's book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers who changed the world. Barrett Twitter: @BeeBytes Facebook: @BarrettsBeeBytes or Website: The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America’s Bees Entomological Society of America Magazine Website: smoremagazine.comLOGIC University of Alberta Women in Chemistry group Website Registration for LOGIC: Twitter: @UofAWomeninChem Email: [email protected]
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8 mars 2018 - 00:59:35
Welcome back to Season 2 of the Superwomen in Science Podcast! We are so happy to be back and showcasing more amazing women in science.In this episode we start off by updating you about our lives and talking a little bit about what the pod has been up to since Episode 10. Then, we have an amazing and exciting interview with Angela Saini, author of Inferior. She talks about her inspiration and her process of writing the book, which comes out in paperback tomorrow! March 8, 2018.Next we talk about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and amazing science journalist, communicator, and conservationist.Then we interview the wonderful Tay Aziz about her work in science communication and her future adventures hiking through Swedish Lapland.To end the episode we talk to Crazy Aunt Lindsey, a fun and inspiring youtuber who makes science fun and accessible!We are very excited for this season, and hope that you'll join us for the ride!Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comAngela Saini Website:! Twitter: @AngelaDSaini Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong - STEMMinist Book Club - Stoneman Douglas Article: Marjory Stoneman Douglas would be proud of these kids - Women in Science - Tay Aziz Twitter: @scicomm_tay, @steminist Instagram: @scicomm_tay Website: Podcast: Inside the Petri Dish - Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey Website: YouTube: Twitter: @AuntLindsey Facebook: Crazy Aunt Lindsey
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15 février 2018 - 00:20:19
Welcome to the second part of mini series Elevator Science, where women in science give their elevator pitch for a current project they’re working on!In this episode we learn about so many amazing research projects! There is a ton of microbiology, parasites and pathogens... and some very cool atomic physics! Listen to Emily Pascoe, Claire McCarthy, Maren Mossman, Angelica Roijas, Rebecca Hall, Brittni Foster, Erin Welsh, Erin Allmann Updyke, and Tiffany Newman as they fill us in on their interesting work!Thanks so much to our amazing contributors and to everyone for showing women in science some love!Follow us! Facebook: Twitter: Website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comGuests:Emily: Twitter: @pascoeelMaren: Twitter: @TheAtomicMommy Lab: podcast: iTunes: Twitter: Blog: Twitter: @RebeccaJHall13 Instagram: @biology.bexThis Podcast Will Kill You: Twitter: @tpwky Instagram: @thispodcastwillkillyou Facebook:
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11 février 2018 - 00:11:28
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in STEM! We have compiled our favourite clips from possibly the hardest and most important question we ask our guests: What are your hopes for the future of women in your field of science?Follow us! Facebook: Twitter: Website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comFollow our guests! Danni Mathieson: Santarossa: Steltzer: Twitter: Website:…ry/steltzer.aspxKay Kirkpatrick: Marquez: TEDx talk: Twitter: ​Personal website: ​ Sung: Science and Policy Exchange: Cotto: Phingbodhipakkiya:
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7 février 2018 - 00:23:45
Welcome to our first Elevator Science (or research DUMP) episode! We asked the lovely lady scientists of the world to send us a short clip of them giving their elevator pitch, or talking about the science they do!In part one we hear from some awesome ladies who don't work in the lab, and some badass women researching women!Make sure to follow us or subscribe to hear part two next week! Twitter: Facebook: Website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comGUESTS Elise Osenga: Science Communication! Twitter: @aspenglobal Website: Alex Fitzpatrick: Zooarcheology! Twitter: @ArchaeologyFitz Blog: Kadambari Lokesh: Sustainability and Circular Thinking! Circular products and choice: The Science behind Material Karma Catarina Silva: Conservation and Evolutionary Biology! Twitter: @Cataribio Website: Aquaculture and Fisheries @JCU: Adaptation and dispersal of rock lobsters: Hotspots in world’s oceans warming faster than the global average: Jessica Wang: Earth System Science! Twitter: @jkmwang Website: Becky Friesen: Wildlife Biodiversity Monitoring! Conservation/STEM/Science communication Instagram account: @becky.outside Christa Trexler: Cardiovascular Disease Research! Twitter: @ChristaTrex Talia Shirazi: Anthropology! Twitter: @talia_shirazi Website:
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27 décembre 2017 - 00:40:03
In our tenth episode (the last of 2017!) we discuss gender bias in recommendation letters and go over some tips to help you (or your supervisor) check inherent bias and write an awesome letter. We learn about Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood star and amazing inventor. We interview the wonderful Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya! She created Beyond Curie and Atomic by Design, and talks about her journey to design through science and her hopes for the future. Finally, we highlight some awesome initiatives that mix art and science. And, since we are going away for a little, we thought we would leave you with some podcast recommendations! Enjoy and happy new year!You can find us here! facebook: twitter: website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comLinks about gender bias in recommendation letters in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers who Changed the World and SciArt Recommendations
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7 décembre 2017 - 00:35:28
This week we talk about science education, people who are doing great, and people who are getting messy. Then we read about Dr. Karen Horney, an amazing feminist psychoanalyst who went against Freud to develop her own theories on therapy, anxiety, and society. Next, we interview (for the second time) Dr. Dana Cotto, a wonderful learning scientist who works with math and science learning. Finally we talk about Moms Who Code, read some awesome tweets, and talk about Atomic by Design! Thanks for listening!Don't forget to donate to our kickstarter (if you want): Dana Cotto Moms Can Code by Design!
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16 novembre 2017 - 00:42:17
In our eighth episode we talk science, politics, policy, and LEGO? Listen in as we discuss how we believe science is political, and highlight the wonderful Dr. Sarah Myhre. Learn about Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini, a neuroscientist, nobel prize winner, and Italian senator who was discriminated against throughout her career. Then, we interview Vanessa Sung, the co-president at Science and Policy Exchange at McGill University and she tells us all about her journey through science and into science policy. Finally, we highlight Evidence for Democracy, the new LEGO women of NASA set, and announce the launch of our Kickstarter, which goes live on Friday, November 17! Be sure to follow us on social media to hear about it when it happens! Thanks for listening :)facebook: twitter: website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comRachel Ignotofsky Women in Science:…nged/dp/1607749769Dr. Sarah Myhre's articles! :’s links! Twitter: Science and Policy Exchange: for Democracy : LEGO:
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26 octobre 2017 - 00:36:27
In this episode we chat about sexual harassment in science, highlighting the vulnerability associated with early career researchers, remote field sites, and women of colour. We learn about Rachel Carson, an influential marine biologist and author who sparked the environmental movement. We had a really great chat with Melissa Márquez, a passionate shark scientist and science communicator, all about her views on reducing competition and inspiring the next generation of scientists. Lastly, we discuss The Fins United Initiative, an amazing educational program founded and run by Melissa!facebook: twitter: website: Field work article: article: of colour article: Women Scientists: No sexism in Science: Melissa Márquez: TEDx talk: Twitter: ​Personal website: ​ The Fins United Initiative Website:
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12 octobre 2017 - 00:32:40
Finally, our sixth episode! After a forced hiatus we are so happy to be back and giving you this wonderful ep! We start off by giving you some updates about what we've been doing since the last episode and some exciting updates about Canadian women in science! Then we learn about Ada Lovelace and why she is still honoured today on Ada Lovelace Day! We interview a fun and inspiring mathematician Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick who shared wonderful stories about her path through science. Finally, we talk about an organization we have wanted to share for a while, Black Girls Code!facebook: twitter: website: www.superwomeninscience.wordpress.comAda Lovelace podcast: of scientists blog post: World Quest list: Change Conference: Mona Nemer: Ignotofsky Women in Science: Kay Kirkpatrick suggestion! Girls Code:
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17 août 2017 - 00:34:11
Welcome to our fifth episode! In this episode we discuss our role in condemning the Nazi and white-supremacy rally in Charlottesville. We learn about Sylvia Earle, an aquanaut and explorer who opened so many doors for women in marine biology. We interview Dr. Heidi Steltzer and discuss her work in "cold places" and her views on education and mentoring in science. Finally, we highlight Homeward Bound, an organization that trains women scientists in leadership skills and collaboration while sending them on an expedition to Antarctica!Just so you know, the interview sound quality is not as good as in previous episodes, so please stick with us!Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Website: we're now on iTunes! So search for us in the podcast section and please rate, review, and subscribe :)Show notes:Engineering article that Nicole references : women scientist article (another great read): another great read about activism and women in science:'s links! Twitter: Website: Bound: Twitter: Website: in Science: Twitter: Website: OUR blog post:
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2 août 2017 - 00:44:57
This week we talk about arts in science! We start with a discussion about #AlongsideScience and how art is a wonderful asset to science and research. We read about Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the United States! We interview Superwoman Sara Santarossa and talk about the wonderful kinesiology work she does with young girls and her other research. Finally, we talk about Super Cool Science! Listen and enjoy!Find us on social media! Twitter: Facebook: Website: notesAll sorts of cool stuff from Sara's interview! Sara's twitter! Cool Scientist Info Website: Twitter: Facebook:'s e-mail: [email protected] the Kickstarter is now live! Follow the link here to donate! in Science twitter post (science stories list) Rachel Ignotofsky's amazing book Women in Science
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20 juillet 2017 - 00:30:18
In our third episode we talk about women supporting women and why it's important. Listen as we read about Katia Krafft, a geologist and volcanologist who loved what she did and did so with passion. We also talk with our friend Danni Mathieson about her work as a geologist and her hopes for women in the field. 500 Women Scientists get's a special shout out this week, as well as some wonderful twitter followers!Shownotes:500 Women Scientists twitter: facebook: website:
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5 juillet 2017 - 00:27:31
In our second episode we discuss imposter syndrome, read about May-Britt Moser and her amazing work, and discuss neuroscience and learn about BrainReach and Think-A-Lot-Tots with our co-host Nicole!Follow us on social media! Twitter: Facebook: Website: will be posting a new episode every other Wednesday for #WomenInSciWedThanks for sticking around!Shownotes: New York Times article about Dr. Brenda Milner: Reach North: the Science Mom* we realized after that she does so many amazing things! Twitter: Website: in Science - Rachel Ignotofsky
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