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4 août 2014 - 00:00:00
Better late than never, we're back with Rom-Com Thunderdome feedback, a new narrative phenomenon, first thoughts about adaptations, They Came Together and Celeste & Jesse Forever.
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18 août 2014 - 00:00:00
After a rare trip to the cinema for Guardians Of The Galaxy, we settle in for an epic three-hour journey through all things Marvel.
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10 août 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss the road to publishing, from finished manuscript to established career. Then, we invite a special guest into the studio to discuss Brian Lee O'Malley's brilliant graphic novel Seconds.
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31 août 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we learn the truth about Hello Kitty, what happened to Tony Soprano, and authorial intent. We also talk Doctor Who, including our own hypothetical reboot!
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24 août 2014 - 00:00:00
This week on the show, we explain the origins of the wonk, talk about - and tease - our next Sessions series, and discuss the second season of Orange Is The New Black in full.
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8 septembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we're running late -- but we still found time to talk about listener feedback, the value of critical thought, and how stories help connect us to others!
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21 septembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we conclude our twenty-four hour podcast marathon with sincerity in storytelling and some thoughts on recent controversies, before finding ourselves on the brink of an analysis of the antihero.
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5 octobre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we celebrate our new studio, then get down to work with writer improv, and three short tales of superheroes, piano players and a troubled barista.
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29 septembre 2014 - 00:00:00
It's been a week of intense discussion here in Château StoryWonk, and we're ready to deep-dive into narrative theory as we unpick semantic suppositions and try to figure out the hero.
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20 octobre 2014 - 00:00:00
We return from an unexpected hiatus with a discussion about writers interacting with fans and critics, a 30 Rock promise, and -- at last -- The Princess Bride!
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3 novembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we don our capes and domino masks as we discuss Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, the CW's The Flash and Arrow, and the upcoming slate of superhero movies.
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26 octobre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we look forward to National Novel Writing Month 2014, and talk with NaNoWriMo founder, Chris Baty!
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9 novembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss podcasts that take unusual approaches to narrative and storytelling, then deconstruct the role of the protagonist, thanks to M. Night Shyamalan's 2000 movie Unbreakable.
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17 novembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we discuss BIG NEWS, then talk about why Xander is problematic, our personal headcanons, and the brilliance of Tom Hanks!
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24 novembre 2014 - 00:00:00
This week, we put a bow on StoryWonk Sunday with our live finale, in which we relate the story of how it all began, and take listener questions.
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