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Host Chris Sowa traverses the globe having interesting, informative, and – at times – hilarious conversations about sex … with strangers.

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31 mai 2019 - 01:56:20
Chris chats with comedians Joel Kim Booster, Eman El-Husseini, Eitan Levine, Elsa Eli Waithe, Reena Calm, and Saurin Choksi about comedy and talking about sex and sexuality on stage. In addition to these hilarious comics, award-winning playwright and founder of Smut Slam Cameryn Moore also joins the conversation along with Berlin-based professional dominatrix Lady Velvet Steel. Make sure to check out Lady Velvet Steel's hilarious Conan segment and Eitan Levine's video about joining the circus. You can also sing along to Hamiltoe for free! Listen to Joel Kim Booster's album Model Minority and Eman El-Husseini's album Unveiled on Spotify. Watch Eman's 2012 Canadian special. Learn more about Elsa Waithe's comedy class. Buy Reena Calm's book Once a Pun a Time…: Legend of a Sighs Queen. And the next time you're in Brooklyn check out both of the live comedy shows Saurin Choksi produces: Comedians You Should Know New York and Brown Privilege Comedy. Podcasts recommended in the show include episode 27 of Reply All, The Fever and episode 115 of Criminal, Cecilia. Always feel free to email Chris about anything at [email protected] You can also tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. And message him on Fetlife: Chris Sowa. Go to if the links mentioned above aren't showing up where you're listening to the show.
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6 mai 2019 - 00:07:32
Chris pitches his idea for the first Sex with Strangers research project. To participate please email [email protected] with the subject research.
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31 mars 2019 - 01:55:35
Chris travels to Berlin to chat with kinky and sex-positive Germans, including professional dominatrixes Lady Velvet Steele and Kat Rix, professional submissive Candy Flip, and queer feminist pornographer Katybit. Check out the music video for Even the Cutest Kittens Have Fleas, Shauna's blog Stumbling on Sexuality, Cosima's German-language blog Cusilife, and Daria's custom leather collars. Email Chris about anything at [email protected] Tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. And message him on Fetlife: Chris Sowa. Go to to find more SWS episodes or to donate to the show.
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27 janvier 2019 - 01:14:03
Chris chats with sex researchers Dr. Justin Lehmiller and Roni Wiener about sexual fantasies, thinking oneself to orgasm, the importance of sex research, and much more. Justin also speaks at length about his book, Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life, which is based on the responses 4,175 American adults gave to a 369-question survey about sexual fantasies. Check out his excellent blog for more of Justin's musings on sex and science. You should also consider filling out Roni's diverse orgasm survey. Learn more about Roni's classes and workshops at And for more on the “replication crisis” in science check out this episode of Vox's The Weeds and this episode of You Are Not So Smart. Always feel free to email Chris about anything at [email protected] You can also tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. And message him on Fetlife: Chris Sowa. Go to to find links mentioned in the show.
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5 novembre 2018 - 01:40:48
Chris chats with people who have grown up Amish. Guests include Ira Waglar, author of the aptly named Growing up Amish. Misty Griffin also joins the conversation to talk about her memoir Tears of the Silenced that soberly addresses issues related to sexual assault within the Amish. It is currently available for free in Kindle form to Amazon Prime subscribers. Always feel free to email Chris about anything at [email protected] You can also tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. And message him on Fetlife: Chris Sowa. Go to to find links mentioned in the show.
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17 octobre 2018 - 01:22:27
Chris travels to Nevada to chat with Alice Little and Jenny Jade from the world famous Moonlite BunnyRanch as well as stripper and cam model extraordinaire Lita Crystal-Skull (formerly of the Alien Cathouse Brothel) and independent Las Vegas escort Kate Layne. Journalist Lux Alptraum joins the conversation to talk about her Vox article: A Push to Shutter Legal Brothels in Nevada is Based on Misguided Ideas about Sex Work. And we also hear from sex researcher Roni Wiener who is working on their thesis centered on diverse orgasm experiences. Fill out this survey now to help Roni advance our scientific understanding of orgasms. It will only take you 15 to 25 minutes. Always feel free to email Chris about anything at [email protected] You can also tweet at him: Find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa. And message him on Fetlife: Chris Sowa.
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2 août 2018 - 01:31:35
Chris chats about gay bathhouses with a handful of people, including the manager of Club Philadelphia and a woman who attended bisexual night at Hawks PDX. Kevin Allison from the Risk! Podcast also returns to share some of his experiences at bathhouses and sex clubs around the world. And Steamworks Chicago gets discussed quite a bit. Articles mentioned in this episode include the Detroit Free Press profile of Schvitz and the PBS NewsHour article 8 Things You Didn't Know About Truvada. Please email Chris if you think you're a good fit for a future episode: [email protected] and follow him on social media at or find him on Snapchat: ChrisSowa.
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6 juillet 2018 - 01:36:03
Chris chats with Kevin Allison from the Risk! Podcast, Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg from American Sex Podcast, and Cii Marqui, Jaxon, and Juice from Sex with Strangers a Grown Folks Podcast. Check out Sunny Megatron's article Diary of a Sex Clown: Life Lessons From a Clown Fetishist for more information on clown sex. Watch this video for more insight into prostate massages. Listen to this to hear Ken talk extensively about water sports and then check out I'm Bouta BUST. On a more serious note, the two stories from Risk! Dealing with domestic abuse are The Monster and the Man and Unbreakable.
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19 mai 2018 - 01:47:45
Reverend Cindi Knox, porn star Chanel Preston, comedians Liza Treyger and Megan Gailey, writer/activist/Juggalo anthropologist Kitty Stryker, and others share their thoughts on a diverse range of issues including #MeToo and Time's Up. This show also features a brief clip from episode 36 of American Sex Podcast, which also includes a lengthy conversation about SESTA/FOSTA. For more on that issue check out episode 598 of the Savage Lovecast, this techdirt post, this Vox story, this Guardian piece, and the Lawfare post mentioned on the show. Also check out the Allure article Cindi recommended: Navigating Beauty Standards as a Trans Woman is an Impossible Balancing Act. Other media mentioned include SNL's Welcome to Hell, that appalling Tony Robbins video, and episode two of Chanel's podcast Sex Think. Finally, don't forget to check out and Kitty's book Ask: Building Consent Culture. Correction: It was suggested that Jen is the only parent featured in the show. That is not true. Cindi is both a parent and a grandparent.
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4 avril 2018 - 01:06:55
Chris travels to the Thai cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai to chat with sex workers and others with insights into Thailand's sex industry, including members of EMPOWER – the country's oldest and largest sex worker organization. The EMPOWER Foundation's 2016 community research project entitled Moving Toward Decent Sex Work is available in full here and is definitely worth reading. We also recommend The Third Gender a documentary by Vivienne Chen about the Thai trans community, which is available for free on Youtube. For more on this community check out the Wikipedia page for Kathoey. Finally, make sure to pay a visit to Can Do Bar if you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai.
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31 janvier 2018 - 01:20:41
In this follow-up to episode 26, Chris returns to Alaska to attend a memorial and vigil observing the 15th Annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The event took place at the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles (ACAL), Alaska's only sex club. Terra Burns returns to update us on her continued fight for the human rights of sex workers in her home state. Amber Batts, currently on parole for sex trafficking (despite never trafficking anyone), tells her story. This episode also features stories about the intersection of drugs and sex work. Finally, Sarha Shaubach, ACAL's owner, recounts her reign as the 2013 International Ms. Leather. You can support Tara and CUSP's efforts to make it illegal for Alaskan police officers to sexually penetrate people under their investigation here, and you can read more about convicted rapist and former Anchorage police officer Anthony Rollins here and here.
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2 janvier 2018 - 01:34:27
Chris travels to New South Wales, Australia where sex work is decriminalized to interview local sex workers about their lives. Guests include Tilly Lawless, Cameron Cox, Zach Hunter, Tom Jones, and Rachel Wotton, among others. Catherine Healy from the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective also joins the conversation. To learn more about the decriminalized sex industry in New Zealand check out this study from the University of Otago, which surveyed 772 sex workers. The government of New Zealand also released this exhaustive report in 2008. And while you're clicking on links, follow Chris on Twitter. He just joined as @SexWithChris.
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14 novembre 2017 - 01:06:11
In this follow-up to episode 31, Chris chats with several people who fetishize disability. He also interviews an able-bodied woman who believes she should be a quadriplegic and derives sexual gratification from pretending to be one. Dr. Clive Baldwin from St Thomas University discusses Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). And a few podcasters also join the conversation: Andrew Gurza from Disability After Dark and Jocelyn and Tod from GimpHacks. Check out the episode of Disability After Dark mentioned in the show here, and go here for the full version of the GimpHacks episode excerpted in this show. Also check out Ghoul Cop Bat Cop at
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31 juillet 2017 - 01:10:40
Lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and queer-identified women sound off on everything from scissoring to strap-ons. Porn star Chanel Preston returns to discuss shooting girl-girl porn. Other returning guests include Ames Bex, who shares how sex is different now as a trans man than it was back when he identified as a lesbian. Comedian Quinn Quintana returns to talk about fisting ladies and the many changes that have occurred at's San Francisco Armory since we recorded episode 25. Fan-favorite Shayla also returns to make her 4th appearance. This episode also features comedians Gwen La Roka and Ever Mainard. Check out Quinn's web series Hot Tub Interviews with Porn Stars, and learn more about her live comedy show Total Smut Comedy + Q&A with a Porn Star here.
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30 juin 2017 - 01:30:20
This episode features people with physical disabilities talking about the able-bodied world's tendency to erase their sexuality, using Tindr in a wheelchair, disability-related sexual superpowers, and much more. Comedian Spring Day makes her triumphant return. She and her boyfriend, comedian Tim Renkow, both have cerebral palsy and talk frankly about their sex life. The fetishization of disabled people, often called devoteeism, also comes up in this episode. Check out the excellent BBC3 documentary Meet the Devotees here. We also talk about the role sex workers sometimes play in enriching the lives of people with disabilities. Check out Rachel Wotton's Ted Talk exploring this topic. Her film Scarlet Road also comes up, as does the 2012 feature film The Sessions about Mark O'Brien's experiences with a sex surrogate. You can watch an Oscar-winning documentary short about Mark O'Brien here and read his article “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate” here. Other articles mentioned on the show include this Vice piece about Hand Angels, this guide to sexual positioning devices, and a fascinating obituary published by Salon about Mark O'Brien. Other podcasts mentioned on the show include the Death Sex and Money episodes Newlywed and Paralyzed and Two Wheelchairs and a Baby, as well as an episode of Everybody Swing entitled Swinging in a Wheelchair. Finally, Ryan Lythall can be reached at [email protected] if you have any follow-up questions or would like to book him for a speaking engagement.
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19 mai 2017 - 01:05:47
Chris chats with 6 men who, collectively, have purchased sexual services well over 100 times. Topics discussed include buying and using drugs (mostly cocaine) with sex workers, seeing porn stars, sex tourism (mostly to Columbia and Thailand), and the sugar lifestyle/ Articles referenced in this episode include Salon's "How risky is Oral Sex?," and CNN's cheery "Yes, Oral Sex Can Lead to Cancer."
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31 mars 2017 - 01:36:37
Chris travels to Amsterdam to chat with couples and sex workers spending Valentine's Day in De Wallen, the world's most famous red light district. Chris is joined in this episode by listener Taylor Hernowitz, who helped Chris interview women working in window brothels and couples exploring voyeurism at the Sex Palace Peep Show. This episode also features representatives from a number of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people working in the sex industry, including PROUD the official union of sex workers in the Netherlands, the Red Umbrella Fund, which supplies grants to sex worker-led organizations around the globe and is headquartered in Amsterdam, and the Prostitution Information Center located in the heart of De Wallen. The original upload of this episode had a technical glitch that created audio gaps when played on certain speakers. That has been fixed. If you have any issues, please delete the file and download it again. If troubles persist, download or stream this episode directly at We apologize for the inconvenience.
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29 janvier 2017 - 01:12:50
Chris chats with porn performers Chanel Preston and Mickey Mod about the current state of the porn industry, why they oppose condom mandates like Proposition 60, and their work with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC). Michael Stabile from joins the discussion to talk about the rise of anti-porn forces within US politics and corporate America. Jerry Barnett, the free speech activist and author of Porn Panic: Sex and Censorship in the UK, helps us understand what's happening across the pond. And it's not encouraging! British porn sensation Harriet Sugarcookie and her business partner Tommie round out this episode by sharing their thoughts on censorship, their unique approach to making pornography, and the healing power of Check out the official position of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) on sex/porn addiction here, and a similar statement from The Mormon Mental Health Association mentioned on the show here. Correction: Chris mistakenly refers to this show as "episode 29" when it is in fact episode 28.
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31 octobre 2016 - 00:59:59
Chris chats with people in the feederism (sometimes also called feedism) fetish community. All 4 featured guests get off on gaining weight as well as encouraging others to pack on pounds. Two of these guests also work as professional fetish models. You can find out more about Kimmy Crush at, and Lily’s site is through The True Life episode mentioned at the end of this episode “I Have a Feeding Fetish” is currently available on Youtube.
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11 septembre 2016 - 02:01:24
Mainstream discussions of the sex industry have mostly revolved around human trafficking. In this episode we explore why that narrative is misleading and harmful. The interviews featured here were recorded in Nebraska, Rhode Island, Alaska, California, and Illinois. Guests include Terra Burns (Community United for Safety and Protection), Maxine Doogan (the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Educational and Research Project), Bella Robinson (COYOTE RI), Monica Peterson and Rex Hamaker (University of Denver's Human Trafficking Center), Hannah Marshall (Brown University), and Erin Black (The Sexual A-Team). Articles discussed in this episode include The Banks' War on Porn Stars by Richard Abowitz and Marlow Stern, The Case for Decriminalizing Prostitution by German Lopez, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler's Why You Should be Wary About Statistics on 'Modern Slavery' and 'Trafficking' and The Biggest Pinocchios of 2015, Should Prostitution be a Crime? by Emily Bazelon. Also check out Bazelon's follow-up concerning Amnesty International's Policy on State Obligations to Respect, Protect and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers. Three quick corrections: Maxine (not Terra) interviewed Keyana; is maintained by Community United for Safety and Protection (not just Terra); Last (and in fact least), Chris began gathering audio for this episode in October of 2015 (not September of 2015). We regret these errors.
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