6. An Elite Crew

18 avril 2018
The basement’s where all the really important stuff happens.Directed by Sebastian Silva; written by Kevin Moffett and Matthew Derby; executive produced by Mimi O'Donnell; produced by April Lamb, Katie Pastore and Matthew Boll; associate produced by MR Daniel; sound design and editing by Ryan Billia; mixed by Matthew Boll, additional engineering by Bobby Lord and Terence Bernardo; score by Daniel Brunelle; Special thanks to Mary-Kim Arnold, Eli Horowitz, Corinna Vallianatos and Alex Blumberg. Sandra is a production of Gimlet Media. Sandra - Kristen Wiig, Helen Perera - Alia Shawkat, Donny - Chris Abbott, Tad - Avi Rothman, Dustin - Ethan Hawke, Phoebe - Maya Kazan, Sadie - Jennifer Mudge, Towing Operator - Josh Ruben, Cheapskate - Rob Flowers, Clueless Man - Mahmoud Behrouzian, Creepy Troll - Sebastian Silva, Packaging Woman - Fay Dewitt

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