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A podcast by Basecamp about the better way to work and run your business. We bring you stories and unconventional wisdom from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business owners.

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17 septembre 2019 - 00:26:59
"Dreams shouldn't be sensible." In 2011, David and Clare Hieatt launched Hiut Denim in a small Welsh town that had been home to a jeans factory for 40 years. The Hieatts saw an opportunity to restore those lost jobs—and to do it in a way that fit with their ideas about building a sustainable business. In this episode, David Hieatt talks about taking the slow money; what it's like when a mega celebrity endorses your brand; and his efforts to reduce the environmental impact of a ubiquitous item of clothing.Show NotesA GQ profile of Japan's Kapital Denim - 1:26Pure Blue jeans - 1:44Meghan Markle - 2:39For a great peek into the denim industry and its environmental impact, we recommend this episode of the Articles of Interest podcast - 2:57David Hieatt - 3:18Hiut Denim | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter - 3:20A 2002 BBC story about the closure of the Dewhirst jeans plant in Cardigan - 3:58Howies - 4:20A selvedge denim explainer - 5:25A story in the Independent about Meghan Markle wearing Hiut's jeans - 13:56Denim Breaker Club - 17:52No Wash Club - 21:46Do Purpose: Why Brands With a Purpose Do Better and Matter More by David Hieatt - 24:35The DO Lectures - 24:42
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10 septembre 2019 - 00:18:28
Basecamp has a new website and a new logo. If this is the first you're hearing about it, it's because CEO Jason Fried opted out of the big rebranding announcement that many companies undertake. On this episode, Jason and marketing designer Adam Stoddard talk about what prompted the new look and the laidback way it came together.Show - 00:19Adam Stoddard on Twitter - 00:29"Connecting the dots: How we put a smile on the Basecamp logo" (Signal v. Noise, October 2015) - 1:22You can see the 37signals logo in the upper right corner of this website - 3:4837signals changed its name to Basecamp in 2014 - 4:20Jonathan Van Ness - 5:23Garmin's BaseCamp - 6:51The original 37signals manifesto - 8:40Pentagram - 11:35UnderConsideration's review of the new logo - 14:40
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5 septembre 2019 - 00:11:19
On Tuesday, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried tweeted about some shady business involving Google Ads and search results. The tweet got a lot of attention, so we brought Jason on the show to talk about what got him so riled up over Google. No punches were pulled in the making of this episode!Show NotesJason's tweet - 00:18"Six Hours of Phone Calls," our episode about hiring an SEO consultant - 00:44Adam Stoddard, Basecamp's marketing designer - 2:17CNBC's story on Jason's tweet - 3:35CNN story on Burger King's mobile app promotion that trolled McDonald's - 10:18
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3 septembre 2019 - 00:27:59
We're back from summer break! It's time to get back to work, but it's important not to overdo it. In this episode, Ty Fujimura, president of web design firm Cantilever, talks about how he escaped the Cult of Overwork; why it's important to rethink the relationship between hours "worked" and actual productivity; and how establishing healthier patterns in the workplace has helped diversify his staff.Show NotesTy Fujimura on Twitter - 00:52Ty's Medium essay, "The Cult of Overwork (And How to Avoid It)" - 00:54Cantilever website - 1:10Cal Newport's website - 8:47"The Cult of Overwork," James Surowiecki's New Yorker piece - 22:56Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - 25:54 (Wailin would like to say that she describes the circus trick incorrectly: The rider actually mounts a moving horse before diving off the platform. Wailin would also like to say that she corrected herself on mic but Shaun cut that part.)
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27 août 2019 - 00:37:54
We're taking off the month of August! During our hiatus, we'll be playing some vintage episodes of the 37signals Podcast, a show that Basecamp ran from 2009-2011 (and then forgot all about until Wailin came across the show during an unrelated Google search). In this episode, Basecamp (then 37signals) co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson answer questions from Signal v. Noise readers about the company's affiliate program, staying motivated, playing the stock market, and more.We'll be back with new episodes of Rework next week!
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20 août 2019 - 00:18:33
We're taking off the month of August! During our hiatus, we'll be playing some vintage episodes of the 37signals Podcast, a show that Basecamp ran from 2009-2011 (and then forgot all about until Wailin came across the show during an unrelated Google search). In this episode, Basecamp (then 37signals) co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson talk about when to give something away and when to charge.
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13 août 2019 - 00:25:02
We're taking off the month of August! During our hiatus, we'll be playing some vintage episodes of the 37signals Podcast, a show that Basecamp ran from 2009-2011 (and then forgot all about until Wailin came across the show during an unrelated Google search). In this episode, Basecamp (then 37signals) co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discuss a satirical press release they wrote to skewer overblown tech company valuations. That leads to a broader discussion about investment, exits, and serial entrepreneurship.
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6 août 2019 - 00:28:07
Pam Daniels had an idea to make an everyday household item more useful and fun. When her first plan to get her product into the world fell through, she found a different path.Show NotesOur previous two episodes, Shape Up and Shape Up Roundtable - 00:37Welcome Industries website | Twitter | Instagram - 1:16Pam's bio at Northwestern University - 1:31Brandon Williams' website - 3:31Umbra - 3:39Brandon's original idea for Float | Umbra product page - 3:54Kickstarter for the cork bag - 5:23Kickstarter for the photo frame - 5:56Kickstarter for the measuring cups - 6:52Most funded Kickstarter campaigns - 7:31Yanko Design's Instagram - 13:01International Home + Housewares Show - 13:53Janler Corporation - 14:41The cups are made of a plastic called Tritan - 18:58Crazing is cracking on the surface of an object - 19:07MoMA Design Store - 22:35Welcome Industries page to purchase the cups - 23:48Drink those claws - 27:19Wailin's explanation of "Hot Girl Summer" is mortifyingly inaccurate, so read this explainer instead - 27:28
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30 juillet 2019 - 00:29:23
Basecamp's new book, Shape Up by Ryan Singer, explores the way designers and programmers at the company build and ship software. In this episode, Ryan, designer Conor Muirhead, and programmer Jeff Hardy go deep into Shape Up principles, talking about the parts of the process they find most useful and sharing real-life examples of both successes and setbacks.Show NotesLast week's episode, an introduction to Shape Up - 00:11Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters by Ryan Singer - 00:18Ryan Singer on Twitter - 1:18Conor Muirhead on Twitter - 1:22Jeff Hardy on Twitter - 1:27"Get One Piece Done" - 5:08"Affordances before pixel-perfect screens" - 10:02"Work is like a hill" - 12:44"The circuit breaker" - 21:16"Risks and Rabbit Holes" - 22:15"Watch out for grab-bags" - 23:43"Decide When to Stop" - 25:50"Bets, Not Backlogs" - 28:26
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23 juillet 2019 - 00:28:34
Basecamp's head of strategy, Ryan Singer, sits down to discuss his new book, Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters. The book is a culmination of Ryan's 15+ years working at Basecamp and explains how small teams of designers and programmers can ship great work in six-week cycles. Ryan's book is about product development and software, but many of its ideas around working with the right level of abstraction, embracing constraints, and making smart bets are applicable to other creative pursuits.Show NotesBooks by Basecamp - 00:13Ryan on Twitter - 00:19Breadboard on Wikipedia and in Shape Up - 6:30Forrest M. Mims III on Wikipedia - 7:00"Planning is Guessing," our episode featuring Jason Fried on six-week cycles (his segment starts at 10:03). See also his Signal v. Noise post, "What six weeks of work looks like" - 13:20"Bets, not Backlogs," a chapter in Shape Up - 16:17The section on appetite in Shape Up - 17:13The section on the circuit breaker in Shape Up - 19:16
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9 juillet 2019 - 00:16:39
In this episode, Basecamp marketing designer Adam Stoddard joins Jason Fried to talk about a marathon session of interviewing Search Engine Optimization consultants. Hear why they squeezed all the interviews into a six-hour block and what it's like to shop for something you don't really know anything about.Show NotesAdam Stoddard on Twitter - 00:45Jason's tweet asking for SEO consultant recommendations - 1:36For more on design challenges as part of the hiring process, check out our episode "Hiring Is Not Hazing" - 4:12
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2 juillet 2019 - 00:24:12
The open office has gone from the dominant workplace layout to cultural pariah, with these environments seeming to produce more interruptions than collaboration. But the open office itself isn't entirely to blame for the distractions that plague office workers. In this episode, two tech workers share their experiences in open offices—with some surprising findings.Show NotesA peek inside Basecamp's office in Chicago - 00:21"The open-plan office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea" (Signal v. Noise) - 00:34"Library Rules: How to make an open office plan work" (Signal v. Noise) - 00:43Tommy George on Twitter - 1:30YouVersion Bible app - 1:31Zemana - 13:39
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25 juin 2019 - 00:12:02
A curious snack food aficionado calls the home of Mr. Peanut.Show NotesNikki Sylianteng on Twitter - 00:34"Thanks to Popular Demand, Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls Are Back" (Kraft Heinz press release) - 2:54Nikki's tweets about eating Cheez Curls - 3:24
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18 juin 2019 - 00:30:41
In 2004, fast food company Quiznos launched a national advertising campaign featuring animated rodent-like creatures screech-singing an ode to the chain's toasted sub sandwiches. The TV commercials were instantly polarizing and lodged themselves in many viewers' brains like a recurring fever dream. In this episode, the people behind the campaign share the story of how the ads got made.Show NotesJonas Downey on Twitter - 00:08Quiznos website - 00:21"We Love the Subs" commercial - 00:46Joel Veitch's site, Rathergood - 3:04Tarsier on Wikipedia - 4:29"We Like the Moon" video - 5:27Ty Harper's website - 5:45The Martin Agency website - 5:49Kerry Feuerman's website - 6:30Quiznos coupon commercial - 15:57Quiznos Huns commercial - 16:00REGO Restaurant Group on LinkedIn - 21:51"Where's the Shop? Cliff Freeman Slips Into History Books" (AdAge) - 30:22PIZZA PIZZA - 30:38
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11 juin 2019 - 00:52:58
This is a lightly edited version of a keynote address Basecamp co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson deliivered at RailsConf 2019 about "open source, markets, debts, purpose, and no less than the meaning of life." David also sits down with Shaun to talk briefly about how he approached this keynote differently than past talks.
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4 juin 2019 - 00:23:50
Even remote companies need actual face time every once in a while. That's why Basecamp holds companywide, weeklong meet-ups in Chicago twice a year. Fellow remote tech company Buffer has 85 employees across the globe that get together once a year for an annual retreat, and they've visited countries from South Africa to Iceland. On this episode, Carolyn Kopprasch of Buffer talks about the kind of work that gets done during this time, helping introverts manage energy during an intense week, and her favorite parts of Retreat.Show NotesBuffer's website - 1:24Carolyn Kopprasch on Twitter - 1:45Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne on Twitter - 11:32Buffer's Open blog - 22:59"Remote Team Meetups: Here's What Works For Us" - 23:08
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28 mai 2019 - 00:18:28
In April, Basecamp Support team member James Glazebrook gave a talk at Support Driven Expo Europe about Everyone On Support. It's an all-hands program where Basecamp employees rotate through a day of working in customer service. James noticed the system—while well-intentioned—wasn't working properly, and set out to fix it. And that, as James himself might say, is pretty metal.
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21 mai 2019 - 00:24:00
Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are back in the studio to answer your questions. This edition of Mailbag includes topics like why big companies don't use Basecamp; how they managed the transition from a web design agency to a product company; and what their business partnership means to them. Kristin Aardsma from Basecamp Support also pops in to answer a question about how her team maintains fast response times while making time for breaks.If you have a question you'd like answered on the next Mailbag, leave us a voicemail at (708) 628-7850!
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14 mai 2019 - 00:20:40
In our last episode, we talked to Claire Lew, the CEO of Know Your Team. She has her own show called The Heartbeat Podcast, where she talks to founders and leaders about management. This is her interview with Basecamp co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson. To listen to more of The Heartbeat Podcast, visit or look for the show wherever you listen to podcasts.
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7 mai 2019 - 00:27:52
Claire Lew is the CEO of Know Your Team, a company dedicated to solving the problem of bad bosses. The company has its origins as a product developed within Basecamp and today is not just a software tool, but a deep vein of resources for managers of all experience levels. In this episode, Claire shares her unconventional path to becoming a CEO, how she completely revamped her company's focus and business model, and why so much "thought leadership" around management gets it wrong.Show NotesClaire Lew on Twitter / Know Your Team website — 00:15The Heartbeat Podcast — 00:34Know Your Team's "About Us" page — 1:04"Building Know Your Company" (Signal v. Noise) — 8:04"How we put together a simple deal to spin off Know Your Company" (Signal v. Noise) — 12:31"Want to be a better manager? Work as a restaurant hostess" (Know Your Team blog) — 10:55Daniel Lopes on Twitter — 21:13The Watercooler — 21:40"Big news: Know Your Company is now Know Your Team" (Know Your Team blog) — 24:43
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