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I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode we will interview amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. Our guests will provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing books and resources and much more. Join us on our journey to create lasting love!

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5 août 2020 - 00:44:31
Spirituality can be a valuable practice both individually, and in your relationship. Listen to today's show to understand how to cultivate a spiritual practice, and share it with your partner.
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29 juillet 2020 - 00:32:30
It's easy to blame our partner or other external factors when dealing with relationship issues. However, we can only control ourselves and often need to look inward to address relationship issues. Listen to today's show to learn great relationship tips and how to take responsibility for ourselves.
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23 juillet 2020 - 00:32:18
Passive aggressiveness is a destructive behavior with negative relationship impacts. Those who use this behavior are often not even aware of it. Listen to today's show to learn how to deal with passive aggressive behavior in your relationship.
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15 juillet 2020 - 00:12:37
BLOOD TIES SEASON TWO IS AVAILABLE NOW! Blood Ties is a scripted audio drama starring Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad, Dominic Monaghan, Amy Landecker, and Wayne Knight. After the sudden death of Michael and Elenore Richland’s billionaire father, disturbing allegations emerge about his dark past. These revelations thrust them into a fight they’re completely unprepared for. As the stakes of telling the truth continue to rise, they grapple with their father’s legacy and what to do with it.
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12 juillet 2020 - 00:47:56
Understanding our emotions is a fundamental requirement for personal and relationship growth. Listen to today's episode to learn how to better understand your emotions, share with your partner and connect more deeply.
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30 juin 2020 - 00:36:37
Many people in relationships think they should 'not rock the boat' to keep things steady and to avoid conflict. However, this conservative approach to relationships can actually backfire. Listen to today's episode to understand why rocking the relationship boat can sometimes be good and necessary for a happy and healthy relationship.
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29 juin 2020 - 00:08:35
You’re about to hear a preview of Changing the Game from USA Today Sports. As you’re listening, be sure to subscribe to Changing the Game on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you are listening right now.
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24 juin 2020 - 00:34:18
Most of us have an understanding of what traditional monogamy in relationships and marriage means. What if we worked toward a new monogamy where the rules were negotiated and not simply followed by outdated societal standards? Listen to today's show to learn what the new monogamy is all about.
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20 juin 2020 - 00:43:08
Having sex is not as straight forward as it may seem, especially in long term relationships. Our personal sexual history, combined with another individual's personal sexual history, can make things quite complicated! Listen to today's show to learn how to navigate the sexual challenges that can arise in a relationship.
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13 juin 2020 - 00:37:33
Finances can be a huge area of stress in your relationship. Now more than ever, it's important to understand your individual relationship with money, and how it can impact your relationships. Listen to today's show to learn how to deal with money, so it doesn't negatively affect your relationship.
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4 juin 2020 - 00:37:23
Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. Listen to this episode for some great new tips on how to improve your sex life, especially during these challenging times.
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29 mai 2020 - 00:53:41
In this episode, we talk about the different skills you need to know to improve your relationship. And one of the best ways, no matter what state it's in, is through couples therapy. Listen to today's show to learn what goes on during couples therapy and why you should start going!
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21 mai 2020 - 00:43:14
We all want to feel more connection and intimacy in our relationships. However, it's not always easy to understand how to make this happen. Listen to today's show for actionable tips to increase the connection and intimacy with your partner.
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15 mai 2020 - 00:38:44
Life is uncertain. Now, more than ever, we're collectively feeling the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to today's how to get great tips for dealing with uncertainty both individually and in your relationship.
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13 mai 2020 - 00:08:52
Dean is obsessed with being better today than he was yesterday! He created a daily podcast to share with you the golden nuggets of inspiration and knowledge he picked up along his self development journey. The idea for Motivate Me is that every episode has the potential to transform your life!
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7 mai 2020 - 00:46:37
Most of us have a rough idea what traditional couples therapy looks like. However, sex therapy for couples seems to be less well known. Listen to today's show to learn more about sex therapy and how it can help your relationship.
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30 avril 2020 - 00:49:46
The new normal family dynamic is evolving and co-parenting plays a big role in many of these new situations. In today's episode, Dr. Lis tells us how to co-parent better and how to reduce the shame around sexuality for ourselves in our kids.
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23 avril 2020 - 00:48:47
Our relationships go through natural rhythms and cycles just as the rest of nature does. If you can understand that your relationship will go through different seasons, you can better navigate the changes. Listen to this episode to learn about the different seasons of your relationship and life.
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17 avril 2020 - 00:45:56
This show's title sounds like a big project, huh? Well, we believe it's definitely one worth pursuing! Listen to today's show to get the tools and information to start creating more meaning, purpose and happiness in your relationship today!
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9 avril 2020 - 00:45:25
You're not alone if the current crisis is causing you to feel stressed and anxious. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways that prove detrimental to our own personal health, as well as our relationships. The sense of uncertainty, worrying about the future and the general demands of life are all forms of anxiety. Don’t let anxiety bog you down and negatively affect the relationship with yourself and your partner.
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