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Pardon My French is a podcast hosted by Garance Doré, founder of the eponymous website, author of the New York Times best-selling book Love Style Life, and CFDA award winning writer, illustrator and photographer. Grounded in her love for fashion, creativity and self-expression, here she shares stories and her point-of-view on everyday subjects with her guests, in a relaxed and open conversation. In everything she does, Garance brings a French eye (and accent), with an unabashed sense of humor and authenticity that has made her known around the world. Garance’s readers are her friends, and now her listeners will be too. New episodes released every Monday.

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24 juin 2019 - 00:43:59
This month on our site we’re talking about growing up. What does growing up even mean? Do we ever really grow up? These are things we’re exploring in our last podcast episode of the season, and we thought it would be fun to talk to some of the most honest people out there – kids! Armed with snacks and coloring books, Linne and Veronica sat down with some kids to talk about what they think being a grown up is really like. They chat about the freedoms of adulthood, getting to drive a car and eat whatever you want, agreeing that taxes are really the hardest part about being a grown up and much more! Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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17 juin 2019 - 01:08:57
Garance was so honored when her friend Stephanie Danan asked her to participate in the Pre-Fall campaign for Co, the brand she co-created with her partner, Justin Kern. Not only because she deeply respects Stephanie and everything she does, but because she knows how important it is for Stephanie to collaborate with people she truly connects with, on a human level. Stephanie’s journey is fascinating and her honesty about it, incredibly refreshing. They talk about her journey from studying and working in the film industry for more than a decade to moving into the fashion industry, a world she once swore she’d never join. Her story is full of wisdom gained through deep reflection and years of stripping away the layers, to finally live a life that is in line with who she truly is. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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10 juin 2019 - 00:32:23
In our last pocket episode of the season, Christina, Linne, Veronica and Carie are talking about what we thought our adult lives would look like when we were youngsters. From the influence of media shaping the lives we wanted to lead and crafting our lives around those ideals, to the reality of paying NYC rent and finally refining our earlier visions and learning the value of being vocal about what we truly want. We also discuss Veronica’s youthful presidential ambitions evolving into a general desire to be a boss(y) adult and Linne’s rom-com heroines and a lot more. What did you think your adult life would be like?? Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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4 juin 2019 - 00:28:59
This month on the site we’re covering the idea of growing up and getting older. Adulting, if you will. Today Veronica’s in NYC with Linne and Christina and Carie’s calling in from LA and the four of them are talking about the realness of burnout (it’s officially a medical diagnosis), the stresses and the freedoms we feel from being adults. We discuss the idea of feeling like an adult vs. a younger version of ourselves and more. What does adulting feel like to you??
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27 mai 2019 - 01:00:09
It’s possible you don’t know the name Ian Schrager, but you definitely know some of the projects he’s created. You know — the incredibly iconic nightclub, Studio 54, that he co-founded in the late 1970s, or one of the numerous hotels he has around the world with EDITION Hotels that he created in partnership with Marriott, or perhaps the very cool PUBLIC Hotel in NYC. Either way, it’s very clear from my conversation with Ian that he’s always been a boundary pusher with his finger on the pulse. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world of architecture, traveled the globe and learned some hard lessons along the way. Today, he has embraced a slower pace of life than his early nightclub days, but he’s still very much a powerhouse. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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21 mai 2019 - 00:44:05
Sometimes in life, renewal comes after of one of those « aha » moments and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it comes after an accumulation of a few, or many little things that bring you to a place where you’re finally ready to dig deep and make some changes, on your own terms. Even if it means having to lean against the trauma, no matter how big or small, to get you to a place of renewal and growth, where you’re able to see with clarity, the before and the after. Recognizing this and allowing yourself to feel – whether that be sadness, happiness or just a real need for rest, is what I’m talking about today with Emily and Veronica. Giving yourself permission to prioritize yourself, and the good that can come from it – not only for you, but everyone in your life, is both valid and vital.
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13 mai 2019 - 00:36:58
Spirituality is a big topic to try and tackle in a pocket episode, but Emily, Veronica, Linne and Nathan make a serious effort this week. While they cover the heavier topics like the connectedness of spirituality and religion, the unexpected and moving moments when you feel most spiritual, fear of death and annoyance at how the wellness movement positions spirituality, there’s always room for the lighter bits — astrology and spirit animals! Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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6 mai 2019 - 00:31:44
This week we’re breaking down what it means to renew a relationship. It can be a relationship with a friend, a partner or even a parent. Emily, Caitlin, Linne and our newest team member, Nathan, talk about the importance of letting a relationship evolve to become something different than when it started, the moment your parents realize you’re an adult and even the decision to renew your relationship with social media. You won’t want to miss it. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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29 avril 2019 - 01:19:47
This week Garance is at home chatting with three very creative women, who also happen to be dear friends of hers who she greatly respects and admires. Clare Vivier, Tina Frey and Ellen Marie Bennett have built their respective creative businesses by seizing an opportunity and following a creative passion. The four women discuss the struggles of growing their companies and what drives them to keep going. Their conversation is open and honest and a unique chance to hear four business owners talk about the satisfaction that comes from being able to provide jobs for people, creating beautiful objects, inspiring others and so much more. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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23 avril 2019 - 00:36:46
Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and can easily go unnoticed as it can exist in the simplest forms. You can express it in your day to day life by the way you arrange flowers at home, a present you give, how you craft an email or through a meal you make for loved ones. For some, it can also take a few career paths before they discover that creative passions they had all along can turn into a livelihood and ultimately send them down a road they were always meant to take. Lauren Schaefer, is one of these people. Our producer, Carie, who’s known Lauren for years, was lucky enough to chat with her in between her many projects about discovering her passion for working with food and how she brings creativity to everything she does. They talk about the people who influenced and inspired her along the way, the importance of community and some exciting new projects she has in the works!
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15 avril 2019 - 00:29:40
This week the editorial team at Atelier Doré is a couple glasses of wine in and continuing their dialogue on creativity. They debate whether or not sports are creative endeavors, discuss creative dreams and the difference between jobs and careers, and are forced to name the most creative people they know. You won’t want to miss it! Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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8 avril 2019 - 00:55:25
This week Garance sits down with legendary chef, Eric Ripert, at his three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Bernardin, in NYC, to discuss his path to success and the very intentional route he took to get where he is today. They talk about his early love of food and his transition from a self-described « monster in the kitchen » to someone who cares deeply about cultivating a place where people around him can thrive and be happy, and the role Buddhism played in helping shape him into the man and chef he is today. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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4 avril 2019 - 00:26:11
We can’t deny that some of the greatest artists were fueled and inspired while under the influence (Hemingway, Bukowski, Picasso – you get the drill), so to kick off our month on creativity, our edit team sat down to safely imbibe in some lovely rosé from Lorenza Wine Company to talk about what gets their creative juices flowing. They discuss the courage that can come from being under the influence, the myth and allure of the « tortured artist » and what creative person they’d like to inhabit for one day, among much more. We hope you enjoy this episode, responsibly under the influence of your favorite liquid beverage. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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26 mars 2019 - 01:09:15
This week we bring you a very special story for our Carte Blanche episode on the idea of « escape. » We all know escape can be interpreted in many ways, and sometimes it can mean taking a terrifying risk to leave behind everything you know and your preset path, in order to find your true path. Today, Linne is sitting down with actor and producer, Melissa Weisz, to talk about her experience growing up in the Satmar sect of the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and ultimately her decision to leave this community to live the life she was meant to live. Curious by nature and never one to shy away from questioning things that don’t make sense to her, from a young age Melissa pushed against the expectations of women in her community while also trying to navigate her place within it. It wasn’t until years into her arranged marriage that Melissa finally made the incredibly hard decision to leave everything she knew and loved behind her, to be a stranger in her own country. Today, she is a strong, independent queer woman proudly living her life in New York City. She has navigated her journey with thoughtfulness and grace. Her story is one that we can all learn from in one way or another, and we are so honored to share it with you.
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18 mars 2019 - 00:32:05
Today Christina, Vanessa and Veronica sit down to talk escaping via dream vacations, which quickly detours into the cost of said dream vacations, the dream of taking a year off, travel trends and how popularity of certain destinations can ultimately kill the vibe. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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11 mars 2019 - 00:47:57
This week Garance chats with dating expert and coach, Hayley Quinn, after discovering Hayley through her Ted Talk, « Searching for Love to Escape Ourselves. » Based in the UK, Hayley’s approach to dating is informed by her own romantic experiences and what she learned as a ghost writer in the not to appealing, underground community of pick up artists. She is warm, real and raw all at once and brings a unique perspective to the world of dating that you won’t want to miss. Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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4 mars 2019 - 00:24:24
In kicking off our month of « escape, » we decided to invite our good friend, Megababe founder, creator of the blog, 12ishstyle, and mother of dogs, Katie Sturino, who happens to be a little bit anti-escapism to our need for escape. She chats with Veronica and Christina about how you can’t escape yourself, coloring as an escape, Sex and the City and so more! Pardon My French is released on iTunes every Monday.
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25 février 2019 - 00:24:33
Most of us have them but it can be hard to talk about them, let alone act them out. That’s right, today we’re talking about sexual fantasies! Garance, Emily and Veronica talk celeb crushes, having and acting on fantasies, sexual freedom and really just wanting to be seen. You won’t want to miss it! Pardon My French is released every Monday on iTunes.
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18 février 2019 - 01:12:56
It’s sex month at The Atelier, which has raised a lot of questions about…. well.. sex! In this Carte Blanche episode, we decided to try and answer some of those questions like, what is it really like to go to a sex party? How do tell your partner what you want or don’t want? We also learned about an amazing space in NYC where you can go for guidance on navigating the complex world of sexuality or explore your deepest desires, curiosities and more. You can’t talk about sex without a little voyeurism, right? Carie sits down with writer, Spencer Jones, to learn about her experiences attending sex parties in NYC and abroad. And, who doesn’t love talking about sex with their ex?? Like actually talking to them about all things related to sex, which is exactly why we’re bringing back our very own Veronica and her ex boyfriend, Jeff, to answer some very important questions. And finally, there has never been a better time for something like Touchpoint to exist. Touchpoint is a town hall style event that takes place once a month in NYC and provides a space for people representing different identities, orientations, cultures and creeds to come together and talk about love, sex, and relationships. Veronica talks with founder, Jared Matthew Weiss, about why he started Touchpoint, the beautiful things he’s learned in the process and the importance of having such a space given today’s complicated climate. Pardon My French is released every Monday on iTunes.
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14 février 2019 - 00:35:57
Today we’re bringing you a sexy bonus episode of Pocket PMF for Valentine’s Day! We definitely couldn’t do a month of sex content without chatting up some experts, so Carie sat down with one such expert, Myisha Battle. Based in the Bay Area (though serving clients the world over), Myisha is a certified sex and dating coach who’s made it her mission to help people have more fulfilling and exciting sex lives through her business, Sex for Life, and her podcast, Down For Whatever. The two of them talk about the stigmas around being and seeing a sex coach, the difference between a sex coach and a sex therapist and more. Myisha offers up some great advice and was gracious enough to answer some of your (and our) burning questions. You definitely won’t want to miss this one. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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