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Addictionology (ADDICTION) with Erin Parisi

23 avril 2019
"Addiction doesn't have to be a bummer!," quoth addictionologist Erin Parisi, who has some uplifting and hopeful tales from her professional life. But content warning: it's definitely not a day in the park. Tune in for some info on alcohol dependence, smoking, opiates, behavioral addictions, how addiction can futz with your reward systems, some sobering statistics, what we can learn from rat parties, how childhood experiences can set the stage for substance dependence later, how many people are in recovery, what to do if a friend or loved one seems to have a problem, how to tell if you might have a problem, enjoying your grandpa's casserole, cuddling babies and more.Erin Parisi's website: www.erincanhelp.comTo find publicly funded treatment centers in your stat, call 1-800-622-HELP. You can also go to www.findtreatment.samhsa.govFor sliding scale therapy, look into openpathcollective.orgDonations were made to: DrugAbuse.gov and EndtheBacklog.orgSponsor links: KiwiCo.com/ologies, StitchFix.com/ologies, Zola.com/ologies

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