Hurry Slowly

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How to be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.

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19 novembre 2019 - 00:20:02
An intro to the new season of Hurry Slowly on waking up, letting go, and the ups and downs of pursuing personal transformation.
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11 juin 2019 - 00:55:32
Journalist Rob Walker on attention, originality, and why noticing the things other people are missing is essential to the creative process.
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28 mai 2019 - 00:45:45
Artist Jenny Odell on the power of actions that can’t be optimized and withholding your attention as an act of resistance.
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14 mai 2019 - 00:15:46
How the desire to be “productive” metastasizes into a toxic form of work shame that makes you feel like you’re never doing enough.
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30 avril 2019 - 00:56:25
Debbie Millman on the challenges of being an over-achiever, synthesizing your success too quickly, and making a 10-year plan.
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16 avril 2019 - 00:42:50
Scott Barry Kaufman on the benefits of quieting your ego and how having more faith in humanity leads to greater faith in yourself.
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2 avril 2019 - 00:18:40
How acknowledging that transformation is slow and subtle — not dramatic and overnight! — will help you be kinder to yourself.
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19 mars 2019 - 00:56:13
Sebene Selassie on confronting your inner critic, finding emotional clarity, and asking: “What am I not willing to feel?”
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5 mars 2019 - 00:11:13
Forget about other people’s rules. Why working from personal principles is the best approach to productivity.
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19 février 2019 - 00:54:32
Paul Jarvis on why more isn’t better, staying small is good for business, and setting “upper bounds” reduces your stress.
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29 janvier 2019 - 00:46:30
BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen on errand paralysis, fake burnout cures, and why we’re all obsessed with being better workers.
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15 janvier 2019 - 00:13:45
Jocelyn K. Glei on why inefficiency is a strength when it comes to making remarkable creative work.
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1 janvier 2019 - 00:55:05
Deep Work author Cal Newport on why we need a digital declutter, his new theory of attention, and the magic of "analog social media."
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18 décembre 2018 - 00:13:09
Jocelyn K. Glei on her “busyness breakdown,” why 50% of Americans are experiencing burnout, and what we can do about it.
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4 décembre 2018 - 00:55:46
Thomas Page McBee on fighting implicit gender bias at work, creating better power dynamics, and facing your “shadow self.”
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20 novembre 2018 - 00:56:21
Tim Harford on why all your bad habits are good again. Procrastination, letting stuff pile up & slow-motion multitasking all have an upside.
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6 novembre 2018 - 00:11:56
Jocelyn K. Glei on our obsession with getting things done, and how a more “tender discipline” can unlock clarity and creativity.
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23 octobre 2018 - 00:56:27
Priya Parker on how to get off auto-pilot, let go of our scripts, and create gatherings that make space for transformation.
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9 octobre 2018 - 00:48:28
Adam Grant on the untapped potential of appreciation, the dangers of “generosity burnout,” and how to build cultures of helping.
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15 mai 2018 - 00:12:38
Host Jocelyn K. Glei on offering feedback that supports creativity and the pitfalls of living in an advice-driven culture.
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