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How to be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.

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14 juillet 2020 - 00:43:28
Massage therapist Rich Mhlanga on how to be embodied and stay emotionally grounded in a world without touch.
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19 mai 2020 - 00:29:30
How overwork, self-criticism, and creative misalignment create layers of anxiety that suppress your intuitive voice.
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21 avril 2020 - 00:58:28
Therapist and meditator Mark Epstein on how to reckon with uncertainty and take a deep dive into the self.
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24 mars 2020 - 00:16:50
On healing, being present, and how to stop postponing self-acceptance and see yourself as “enough.”
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10 mars 2020 - 00:57:11
Journalist Courtney E. Martin on how to find your “first question” — the core curiosity that carries you through life.
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11 février 2020 - 00:45:29
Astrologist Chani Nicholas on how to uncover your life’s purpose and set the boundaries you need to protect it.
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14 janvier 2020 - 00:16:04
A simple practice that will help you nurture your ideas, find your purpose, and heal in the new year.
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31 décembre 2019 - 00:57:13
Activist adrienne maree brown on how we define pleasure, the wisdom of the body, and what it looks like when you have “enough.”
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17 décembre 2019 - 00:59:30
Writer Mira Jacob on creativity, self-promotion, and transforming the hardest conversations of her life into a stunning graphic memoir.
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3 décembre 2019 - 01:13:08
A deep conversation about healing, self-transformation, and how to unpack the neurotic stories we tell ourselves about who we are.
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19 novembre 2019 - 00:20:02
An intro to the new season of Hurry Slowly on waking up, letting go, and the ups and downs of pursuing personal transformation.
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15 août 2017 - 00:04:36
Launching in October 2017, Hurry Slowly is a new podcast hosted by Jocelyn K. Glei about how to find more creativity & meaning in our daily lives. Preview the Season One guestlist, including Jason Fried, Paula Scher, Austin Kleon, Ann Friedman, Tyler Cowen, and many more at:
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10 octobre 2017 - 00:55:19
Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried on the expectation of immediate response, how to set boundaries and put “hard edges” in your day, why shared calendars are an evil invention that steals your time, and tons of other insights on finding a slow and steady approach to work in a world of constant interruptions.
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17 octobre 2017 - 00:37:02
Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix, on how spending more time in the natural world can sharpen your memory, increase your creativity, lower your stress levels, and even counteract negative thought loops. Plus, the science of awe, the Japanese art of forest bathing, and something called the “nature pyramid,” which is sort of like the food pyramid but for greenery.
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24 octobre 2017 - 00:45:21
Designer and technologist Craig Mod on how you can break free from the shackles of “attention slavery” and regain control over your powers of concentration. Plus, why sharing pithy thoughts on social media shuts down your creativity and how meditation can help you “defrag” your mind.
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11 juin 2019 - 00:55:32
Journalist Rob Walker on attention, originality, and why noticing the things other people are missing is essential to the creative process.
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28 mai 2019 - 00:45:45
Artist Jenny Odell on the power of actions that can’t be optimized and withholding your attention as an act of resistance.
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14 mai 2019 - 00:15:46
How the desire to be “productive” metastasizes into a toxic form of work shame that makes you feel like you’re never doing enough.
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30 avril 2019 - 00:56:25
Debbie Millman on the challenges of being an over-achiever, synthesizing your success too quickly, and making a 10-year plan.
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16 avril 2019 - 00:42:50
Scott Barry Kaufman on the benefits of quieting your ego and how having more faith in humanity leads to greater faith in yourself.
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