Mastering Difficult Conversations with Google's Dir. of Engineering, Sarah Clatterbuck | Greymatter

16 avril 2019
All leaders experience difficult conversations at some point in their career. Whether it's discussing poor employee performance or an organizational change, any conversation that involves human emotions is hard. These conversations become even more challenging when the delivery is muddled. In this episode of Greymatter, we share a presentation from the 2019 SFELC Summit on best practices for managing difficult conversations. Google's Director of Engineering, Sarah Clatterbuck, shares a Super Mario video game-themed guide to help managers prepare for a difficult conversation and suggested talking points for various challenging topics SFELC is a curated community of 2500+ engineering leaders evolving the way leadership is implemented in the tech industry. Greylock Partners is the VC partner for SFELC, and sponsored the annual SFELC Summit which hosted top industry leaders to share management best practices and leadership advice.

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