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10 juillet 2019 - 00:01764
Politicians and civil servants have been reacting to the news that Sir Kim Darroch has stepped down. They’ve said the row over leaked memos is unprecedented. Also: the US women’s football team celebrates their World Cup win with a victory parade, and a school in the Netherlands faces a large fine because the children are too noisy.
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10 juillet 2019 - 00:01761
Sir Kim Darroch had described the Trump administration as inept and dysfunctional. Mr Trump responded by saying he'd no longer deal with him. Also: seagulls in Australia are found to be carrying several antibiotic resistant superbugs, and Spanish language hits now dominate the most watched music video chart on YouTube.
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9 juillet 2019 - 00:01693
Donald Trump has been “disrespectful” towards the prime minister and the UK, says Jeremy Hunt. Also: Tory leadership rivals clash in TV debate, a Saudi Arabian princess goes on trial in France, and the end of the road for the VW Beetle.
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9 juillet 2019 - 00:01552
But Carrie Lam stops short of saying it has been fully withdrawn, and protesters have vowed to continue mass rallies. Also: Afghanistan talks agree 'roadmap to peace', and Egypt to sue Christie's auction house in London to retrieve Tutankhamun bust.
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8 juillet 2019 - 00:01746
The US president says "we will no longer deal" with the UK's ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch. Also the US financier Jeffrey Epstein is charged with sex trafficking minors, and a Nigerian opera performed in Pidgin English.
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8 juillet 2019 - 00:01656
The former Congolese rebel leader has been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Also: Amnesty International accuse the Philippine government of running a large-scale murdering enterprise connected to its so-called war on drugs, and the advanced robots moving into the Japanese workforce.
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7 juillet 2019 - 00:01643
The New Democracy party led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis wins the election with an absolute majority. Also: Donald Trump hits back after UK ambassador's leaked emails, and Jodrell Bank gains Unesco World Heritage status.
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6 juillet 2019 - 00:01760
The French president Emmanuel Macron talks to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani by telephone in a bid to rescue the nuclear deal. Also: California quake damage 'not as bad as feared', and baby Archie christened at Windsor.
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5 juillet 2019 - 00:01602
The prisoners released included a high profile judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni. Also: Trump vows to pursue citizenship census question, and the ancient city of Babylon becomes an Unesco World Heritage site.
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5 juillet 2019 - 00:01783
Senior Teheran official issues threat after British troops' storming of Iranian vessel. British marines helped seize super-tanker on Thursday, after it was suspected of carrying oil to Syria, in breach of EU sanctions.Also, how China is using schools to separate Uighur Muslim children from their culture and faith, and could global tree-planting help stop global warming ?
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4 juillet 2019 - 00:01868
Government documents show that large numbers of state boarding schools have been built to house children as young as two. Also: Tehran has reacted with fury after British Royal Marines seized control of an Iranian supertanker carrying oil to Syria, and don't wake the neighbours! The cockerel that's been taken to court in France.
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4 juillet 2019 - 00:01757
UN has received reports that guards shot at migrants who tried to escape air-strikes. The attack on a detention-centre near Tripoli on Tuesday is believed to have killed at least 53 people.Also, an oil-tanker bound for Syria is detained in Gibraltar by British marines, and a renowned scientist warns that the human race could soon become redundant.
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3 juillet 2019 - 00:01521
In the wake of two Boeing 737 Max crashes, the aerospace giant hopes it can repair its reputation, but families say the effort falls short. Also, the European Parliament elects David Sassoli as its new president, and Amsterdam considers a drastic change to its world-famous red light district.
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3 juillet 2019 - 00:01846
UN speaks after air-strike kills more than 40 migrants at detention-centre near Tripoli. Libyan government blames attack on forces loyal to warlord General Khalifa Haftar, but they've denied this.Also, why Rahul Gandhi has stepped down as head of India's Congress Party, and is there a close link between obesity and some common cancers ?
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2 juillet 2019 - 00:01541
The European Council has agreed to a gender-balanced group of candidates after days of deadlocked negotiations. Also: The Russian navy says 14 sailors are dead after a submersible vessel caught fire, and women who survived torture in Syrian prisons tell their stories in a new London play.
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2 juillet 2019 - 00:01882
Beijing accuses demonstrators of trampling on the rule of law: Also: controversy over secret US border patrol Facebook group, stowaway body found in London garden and Coca-Cola enters energy drink market.
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1 juillet 2019 - 00:01501
The Chief Executive of Hong Kong has condemned the occupation and ransacking of the territory’s parliament. Also: European foreign ministers call on Iran to reverse its decision to breach an international nuclear deal, and fresh concerns have been raised about the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
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1 juillet 2019 - 00:01430
The International Atomic Energy Agency said its inspectors had verified the 300kg cap had been broken. In Hong Kong demonstrators have smashed their way into the Legislative building as the territory marks 22 years since it was handed back from Britain to China. A blanket of ice about 1.5 m thick settles on a Mexican city after a freak summer hail storm.
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1 juillet 2019 - 00:01622
Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to enter North Korea after meeting Kim Jong-un at the South Korean border. Also: Pro-democracy protesters challenge Sudan's military rulers for the first time since security forces shot dead dozens earlier this month, and the new rules that mean in future electric cars in Europe won’t be quite so quiet.
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29 juin 2019 - 00:01476
President says he'll allow US companies to continue to sell to the Chinese tech giant, also: migrant ship captain detained in Italy and North Macedonian pride
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