Feminism on the roads

Episode 5 : Metoo and violences

4 janvier 2020
The #Metoo had a very big impact in Iceland, this Iceland is so little that this hashtag spread very quickly through all generations. However this country seems equal violences are still a problem. Thats why #Metoo changed the point of vue of a lot of Icelanders. In this episode you will hear what happened will #Metoo in Iceland and what impact did it had. Organizations helping victims of violences : The women's shelter (https://www.kvennaathvarf.is/)  Stígamót  (https://www.stigamot.is/)  "Feminism on the roads" is a podcast recorded, edited and produced by Aziliz Peaudecerf a young journalist and high schooler with the financial support of Zellidja's (http://zellidja.com/)grant.  

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