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Every Tuesday, host and e-commerce expert Florent Hacq breaks down a specific area of e-commerce with successful founders and industry experts in a refreshing and informal format. Packed with actionable advice and inspiring anecdotes, the show aims to help entrepreneurs and SMEs build their online strategy playbook so they can become the success stories of tomorrow.

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9 juillet 2019 - 00:02604
Jason Stokes, CEO of Eastside Co takes us through a Shopify Masterclass
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2 juillet 2019 - 00:02684
Senior Channel Advisor consultant Francis Odejinmi breaks down the way to different channels you can sell on
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25 juin 2019 - 00:03076
Video marketing expert Viren Samani breaks down the key elements of a successful video content strategy
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18 juin 2019 - 00:02374
A breakdown of the key e-commerce metrics every online business should know about
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11 juin 2019 - 00:02332
Chatbot expert Michelle Barnum Smith breaks down the fundamentals of chatbot marketing for Amazon sellers
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4 juin 2019 - 00:03686
Former Facebook manager Anthony McGuire shares his top tips on how to promote using Facebook / Instagram
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28 mai 2019 - 00:02504
Kara Rosen talks about using e-commerce to turn Plenish into a multi-million turnover business
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21 mai 2019 - 00:03127
Brie Read breaks down the recipe behind Snag Tights’ incredible e-commerce growth
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