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Welcome to Crimetown, a series produced by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier in partnership with Gimlet Media. Each season, we investigate the culture of crime in a different city.In Season 2, Crimetown heads to the heart of the Rust Belt: Detroit, Michigan. From its heyday as Motor City to its rebirth as the Brooklyn of the Midwest, Detroit’s history reflects a series of issues that strike at the heart of American identity: race, poverty, policing, loss of industry, the war on drugs, and our universal desire for a savior. Detroit’s a tough town, and its residents are even tougher. They’ve weathered riots, a drug epidemic, political scandal, and innumerable other hardships, but they’re still here—and they have stories to tell.

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13 juin 2019 - 00:02569
Still hung up on the unsolved murder of Damion Lucas, FBI agent Herm Groman devises an elaborate sting to ensnare the corrupt cops of the Detroit Police Department. Will it bring down Mayor Coleman Young, too?  For bonus content from this episode, visit
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6 juin 2019 - 00:02252
A thirteen-year-old boy is murdered in a drive-by shooting. The Detroit police quickly apprehend a suspect. But the FBI is convinced that the wrong man is in jail — and that the real killers are escaping justice thanks to friends in high places.  For bonus content from this episode, visit
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30 mai 2019 - 00:01925
Coleman Young has more underworld connections than you might expect of a big-city mayor. Sometimes those connections come in handy. But when his favorite niece starts dating an infamous drug dealer, Mayor Young must choose between keeping her out of trouble and keeping his hands clean.  For bonus content from this episode, visit 
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23 mai 2019 - 00:02459
It’s the early eighties, and a new organization is revolutionizing the heroin trade: Young Boys Inc. Unlike other drug operations, YBI recruits juveniles, brands smack as if it were designer clothing, and moves the industry out of the dope houses and onto the corners. As YBI’s relentless expansion causes more and more bloodshed, its foot soldiers must reckon with their impact on Detroit.  For bonus content from this episode, visit
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16 mai 2019 - 00:01965
When a hungry young DEA agent arrives in Detroit, he picks the perfect case to make his bones: taking down Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown’s sprawling heroin organization. But if the drug kingpins fall, what will happen to their kids? As the feds close in, Eddie Jr. and Courtney Jr. must face the possibility of growing up without their fathers.  For bonus content from this episode, visit 
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9 mai 2019 - 00:02100
Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown are childhood friends from a poor neighborhood. Eddie is the troublemaker, drawn to Detroit’s seamier side; Courtney is his quiet, serious sidekick. As they grow older in a city with dwindling job options, they go their separate ways. But when Eddie dives into the heroin trade, Courtney faces a choice: play it safe and stay broke, or join his friend’s burgeoning empire and get rich.  For bonus content from this episode, check out
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2 mai 2019 - 00:02038
A police shooting outside a community center leaves two black teenagers dead. Protesters take to the streets, igniting a movement to elect the city’s first black mayor. As election day approaches, the future of a racially polarized city hangs in the balance.For bonus content from this episode, visit
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1 octobre 2018 - 00:02097
Detroit, 1971—a city riven by blight, racial strife, and rising crime. In the first episode of Crimetown Season 2, the police form a controversial undercover unit called STRESS—Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets. One of the unit’s cops kills so many black men that he earns a nickname: Mr. STRESS. Can anyone stop him?The rest of this season of Crimetown will be available exclusively on Spotify. To listen to Episode 2 right now, visit or the Spotify app and subscribe. For bonus content from this episode, visit
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20 septembre 2018 - 00:00184
In Season 2, Crimetown explores crime and corruption in the heart of the Rust Belt: Detroit, Michigan. Expect stories of police shootings, the drug trade, and political scandal from a city divided by race. Coming October 1st, exclusively on Spotify. To listen for free on Spotify, go to
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29 août 2018 - 00:02210
Crimetown Season Two will begin very soon. In the meantime, check out the first episode of Up and Vanished's second season. Last season, host Payne Lindsey looked into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a teacher and former pageant queen from Georgia. This time, Payne tackles a new story: the disappearance of a young mother, Kristal Reisinger, who went missing from a remote Colorado town.
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5 juin 2018 - 00:01924
Fifty years ago, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot in the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, moments after winning the California Democratic primary. A lone gunman was captured at the scene, pistol in hand. Police said the case was open and shut. But was it? Meet Bill Klaber (author, Shadow Play)—a researcher who has a very different idea of what happened on June 5, 1968.Subscribe to The RFK Tapes here.
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23 décembre 2017 - 00:02202
In 2003, a couple of Brown University alumni did the unthinkable: they wrote and performed a musical about everyone’s favorite criminal mayor. No recordings of the play exist today. So, as a holiday gift to Crimetown listeners, we’ve asked some friends in the musical-theater business to resurrect this forgotten classic.To listen to the Buddy Cianci: The Musical soundtrack, and for more information about this episode, visit our website at 
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19 décembre 2017 - 00:02563
Courtney Calenda is a star high school student—until a powerful defense attorney more than three times her age pulls her into a downward spiral of sex and drugs. As her life falls apart, she decides to fight back.For more information about this episode, and a full list of credits, visit our website at
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29 novembre 2017 - 00:01944
Jarrod Tillinghast is the son of one of Rhode Island’s most notorious mobsters. Determined to make a name for himself, he turns to boxing and becomes a rising star. But he learns that his father’s legacy isn’t so easy to leave behind.For a full list of credits, and more information about this episode, visit 
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11 octobre 2017 - 00:01328
Crimetown is hard at work on Season 2. In the meantime, check out Uncivil, the latest podcast from Gimlet Media. In Uncivil, hosts Jack Hitt and Chenjerai Kumanyika ransack the official version of the Civil War, and take on the history you grew up with. Uncivil brings you untold stories about covert operations, corruption, resistance, mutiny, and so much more. Subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts.
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10 juillet 2017 - 00:02550
Crimetown is working on Season 2, and we will have news on that soon. In the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to a new series from Gimlet Media called Mogul, a show we think Crimetown listeners will love. It tells the story of hip-hop through the life of one man: Chris Lighty. So we’re playing Episode 3 of Mogul, a story with some elements of crime in it, followed by a conversation with Mogul’s host, Reggie Ossé.Links: Mogul’s show feed Mogul’s website
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4 juin 2017 - 00:02445
80-year-old Ralph DeMasi is known throughout New England as both a prolific armored-car robber and a dedicated family man. After decades in prison, he thought he would live out his last years in freedom. Then the police made a break in a cold case, and now Ralph has a new charge on his long rap sheet: murder. For a full list of credits, and more information about this episode, visit our website at Read Dan Barry’s New York Times article about Ralph DeMasi, “The Holdup: A Mobster, a Family and the Crime That Won’t Let Them Go.”
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21 mai 2017 - 00:02718
Earlier this month, we brought some of your favorite Crimetown characters to Brooklyn for a night of storytelling. Hear tales of canine escape, gold heists, prison life and more from Bobby Walason, Charles “the Ghost” Kennedy, Brian Andrews, Tony Fiore, and Dr. Barbara Roberts.For a full list of credits, and more information about this episode, visit
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18 mai 2017 - 00:00759
To celebrate the end of our first season, Crimetown is releasing a soundtrack featuring many of the songs from the show. In this special bonus episode, co-host Zac Stuart-Pontier and composer/sound designer Matthew Boll take you behind the scenes to discuss their favorite moments from the season and how music helped bring Crimetown to life.You can find the soundtrack on: iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify | Google Play | Bandcamp 
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8 mai 2017 - 00:02870
Buddy Cianci was once a crusading prosecutor who took on the mob. Now, he’s behind bars. For the mayor of any other city, this would be the end of the road. But Buddy isn’t any other mayor. And Providence isn’t any other city. For a full list of credits, and more information about this episode, visit
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