Call Your Girlfriend

The Glass Shovel Brigade

25 mai 2018
We let our aggressive word nerd selves out to play. Why the Glass Cliff is an imperfect metaphor for women who get promoted after men fail (glass shovel, anyone?). Al Franken and what's next for #metoo men. Plus, your questions: is it okay to call a group of women "hey guys"? how do you deal with a fragile male ego at work? And, you donated 580 pints of blood in our drive, enough to save 1700 lives! Reading list: “The glass cliff” Laura McGann on Al Franken + letters she’s gotten from men who miss him Kate Manne on what misogyny is really about Leeann Tweeden’s statement What’s next for ‘Me Too’ men? #MeToo doesn't lack nuance. Its critics do The writings of Andrea Dworkin

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