Call Your Girlfriend


13 juillet 2018
Everybody poops and we're finally talking about it all: Period poops. The pleasure of getting regular. Checking your stool as an indicator of health. Eliminating poop shame and stigma. The pleasure of the bidet. And Dr. Susan Stryker on the unnatural social construct of sex-segregated public bathroom. Reading List Everybody is constipated by Maggie Koerth-Baker at FiveThirtyEight The Lily on documenting their poop for the duration of the month “America has softened on stool.” Period poops Oprah was on this tip back in 2005 / clip Tushy, SquattyPotty, Poo Drops Bristol stool scale Mona Chalabi on stress and rectal bleeding Susan Stryker: Everybody poops. No one should be stigmatized for it. Stalled project

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