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Joe Biden Problems - Part 1

15 mai 2020
Throughout public life, Joe Biden has claimed to stand for women. His long career from the Senate to the Vice Presidency to presumptive Democratic nominee can paint a very different picture. In the first of two episodes, we discuss key moments that give us pause about Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. 1991: Biden mishandles Anita Hill's testimony during Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearings as chair of the Senate Judiciary committee.  1994: Biden uses the Violence Against Women Act as character witness, a shield from backlash against his treatment of Professor Hill. VAWA was situated within the crime bill and tended to focus on training law enforcement and judges, stopping short of addressing the broader scale of violence women confront. 2016: Speaks at the United State of Women conference to a packed room of gender equality advocates, among them untold numbers of survivors, and us, describing his work on the Violence Against Women Act and recounting numerous instances of violence against women in borderline lewd, graphic terms. 2019: Announces his campaign and calls Anita Hill. Professor Hill was not impressed with his apology and shared some pointers for how he might make amends. Throughout his career: inappropriately grabs, touches and hugs women in congressional offices and the campaign trail. Links: Biden's role in the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991 Violence Against Women Act in 1994 Biden speech at the United State of Women in 2016 Lucy Flores on Joe Biden kissing her head in 2014 CYG Episode 33: Low Key Creep in 2015 Joe Biden "just likes giving hugs" Biden's non-apology to Anita Hill in 2019  

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