Call Your Girlfriend

Hot Bods

1 juin 2018
(Hint: you're already in one.) We talk about all the ways we’re feeling good in our bodies this summer; why body positivity is about working to make the world better for ALL kinds of bodies, not just your own; our favorite instagram accounts from people with a range of hot bods; microdosing, psychedelics, and other ways we get out of our heads and into our bodies. Insta accounts we love Jessamyn Stanley / Keah Brown / #DisabledAndCute / the thicc / She’s All Fat / Jacob Tobia / Tuesday Bassen / Muse Gold / Virgie Tovar / FatLeopard.jpeg / Myisha Battle Reading List: Lindy West on being a happy fat woman Microdosing / Michael Pollan / Ayelet Waldman A feminist guide to microdosing Interview with our faves at She’s All Fat

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