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A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.

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5 juin 2015
We discuss famous dudes creeping on non-famous women, contraceptive sponges and other things that get stuck up there. Reading list: famous dudes creeping how to talk to women on twitter “Is he sponge-worthy?” Music list: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend Junior Brown - Surf Medley Ratatat - One Hannah Rad Edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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22 mai 2015
We discuss Ann's visit to RuPaul's DragCon, men and housework, women in flats, the gross faux food Soylent, how white people are using the new multiracial emoji and the amazing life (and death) of Sandra Bem. Watch The Fall on Netflix: it's so feminist Men and housework Cannes Flatgate Ugh soylent How the other half lives Sandra Bem, extraordinary woman Shine Theory: Serena Williams: “Let’s just put an end to this myth that women players cannot be friends.” This week in menstruation: The Period Fairy
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8 mai 2015
We love Janet Mock, Kim K's selfie book, Bruce Jenner's incredible interview, power lady obituaries, Amy Schumer feminist commentary and so much more.  Reading List: Shine Theory: Janet Mock on Super Soul Sunday Feminist sefies Kim K selfie book We love you, Bruce Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers boss lady / “Compression is just so 15 years ago” "You'll be the hottest girl in the nation with just a touch of foundation" Diva cup of doom || bleached tampons greek heroism
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23 avril 2015
This week, a menstruation extravaganza: diva cupdate, period panty hacks, and a dramatic reading of Goodnight Menses. Plus! Couples' therapy for coworkers and Toni Morrison's regrets. And shoutout to listeners Charlotte and Danielle, who we met as part of OpenTable's #100opentables. Reading list: Period panties Goodnight Menses Tech dudes in couples therapy Toni Morrison's regrets
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10 avril 2015
In a special IRL episode from Amina's Palm Springs birthday compound, we discuss the origin of CYG mantra body's choice with the woman who coined it, Brittany Callendar. A primer on who's in the Illuminati. A listener says our use of "baby feminist" is condescending. California is in full drought mode. And Carolyn Pennypacker-Riggs of BOUQUET on the business of making music.  Reading and music list at
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27 mars 2015
We discuss how to start your own podcast, making friends after college, and key reading for baby feminists to learn more. Baby feminist syllabus, music list and resources for podcasting at
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13 mars 2015
We discuss Hillary's email, leaning in together, a menstruation anthem, beefy dudes undermining the all-women Ghostbusters remake, and shine theory in mountain biking. Reading list: Hillary’s inbox problem Don't call it "choreplay" "Tampons & Tylenol" Medicating women's feelings The all-dude Ghostbusters remake Shine theory in downhill mountain biking
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27 février 2015
We discuss the best moment of the Oscars, 50 Shades of Gray, what's in a name? And the best apps and books for managing your money. Reading list  Don't change your naaaaaaame || a different perspective “Fifty Shades of Grey” is to publishing what Spanx was to the undergarment business Mr Money Moustache Pound Foolish || The Opposite of Spoiled Music list at
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13 février 2015
We discuss why women should never have a candy dish at work, public radio voice and vocal insecurity, celebrities revolting against the red carpet, and Kanye and Taylor showing a little shine theory. Plus! A period-joke challenge. Reading list: Women doing the office housework Public radio voice and vocal fry The grossest period joke ever Red carpet revolt Kanye & Taylor Music list at
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30 janvier 2015
We discuss men in jeggings, playing through the (period) pain, naming your baby Nutella, and confronting your internet trolls.  Reading list: Men in jeggings Men worrying about balding Playing through the pain Baby Nutella Lindy West confronts her troll A week of online harassment Girlhood! Girlhood opens in limited US release Friday, January 30.
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16 janvier 2015
We discuss wardrobe pare-down techniques, as Ann records from inside her closet. Why red carpet season turns us into human garbage monsters. Women who don’t want other women to have abortions. Sophia Grace shouts out her girlfriends, but where is Rosie? This week in Shine Theory, the delightful contestants on Masterchef, Jr. This week in menstruation, an IUD update and don't flush tampons. And, how to deal with imposter syndrome. Reading List: Closet pare-down Women who don’t want other women to have abortions Alison Turkos shoutout Shine Theory: Masterchef Jr Music: Mark Ronson - Leaving Los Feliz (ft. Kevin Parker) Sophia Grace - Best Friends Nena - 99 Luftballons Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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2 janvier 2015
We discuss Amina’s facetime with the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ann’s encounters with new age bullshit in Guatemala, the fantastic movie Selma and racism in Hollywood. And this week in menstruation, our birth control quandaries about IUDs and depo shots. Watch list: Country hunks for Hillary Amina and RBG! Go see Selma Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend Weezer - The Good Life Enya - Only Time Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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19 décembre 2014
We answer listener questions about group travel, how this podcast came to be, and which TED Talks are worth it. (Hint: POWER POSE).  Watch list: Less stress, more confidence Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend Tom Aspaul - Good Together Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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6 décembre 2014
We discuss the books, movies, TV and music we loved this year! Full recs at Music: Tinashe - Pretend ft. A$AP Rocky Jenny Lewis - Just One of the Guys Kelis - Jerk Ribs Phantogram - Fall in Love Drake - The Catch Up Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga Remy Ma - I’m Around Sinkane - How We Be Perfume Genius - Queen
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21 novembre 2014
We discuss period cramps, being the creepy journo lady at college parties, Solange's amazing wedding, white people will not shut up about the booty, Taylor Swift is so good at shine theory, and OMG SQUATTY POTTY. Reading List: Solange wedding columbusing the booty shine theory in the wild squatty potty Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend Speelburg - Kline Janelle Monae ft. Solange - Electric Lady 2 Live Crew - Too Much Booty in the Pants Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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7 novembre 2014
We discuss the midterm elections, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, ebola and Jian Ghomeshi, and menstruation superpowers. Plus we answer questions about iPhone snobs and our favorite podcasts. Links: Ugh, the midterm elections Beyonce rumors Tay Swizzle will not be bullied. "I knew about Jian Ghomeshi" Menstruating women boxers Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend I Just Can't Wait to Be King Taylor Swift - Shake it Off Cut Copy - Hanging on to Every Heartbeat Phantogram - Black Out Days remix ft Danny Brown and Leo Justi
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25 octobre 2014
We advise listeners on how to deal with an ex-bestie who keeps popping up years later. And a sticky situation involving love, debt, marriage as a potential economic tool, and lasagna. Email your questions to [email protected] Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend ZZ Top - Viva Las Vegas Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
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9 octobre 2014
We answer your burning questions about annoying coworkers, when to confront a long distance bestie who's let you down, and tips for surviving high school. Can women still love football? Can pulling out be sexy? What if it's a tampon? Plus, Chanel "empowertising" on the runway and why Karl Lagerfeld is evil. Music: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend Roxane Polvin - I'm Too Sexy Caribou - Silver Lorde - Team (Autograf remix) Clean Bandit ft Jess Gwynne - Rather Be The Chainsmokers - KANYE (Kasum remix) Call Your Girlfriend (Hannah Rad edit)
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26 septembre 2014
We discuss babies and why some people just don't know if they want them, how to not get fooled by fake body positive anthems, shero Shonda Rhimes, the brave & wonderful college ladies leading the anti-rape movement and this week in menstruation. Reading list: What if you just don't know if you want kids?  Ban Meghan Trainor Don't mess with Shonda or Viola Meet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault "Carry that Weight" Tampon run! "Oh God, he's done period-sex taste tests. Oh God. Oh God.”
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12 septembre 2014
We discuss digital detoxes, Ferguson fallout and what it takes to get white people to care about police brutality, summer camp for adults, and our ideal retirement situation. Reading list: A year-long digital detox Different rules apply if you're white The white mom of a black son gets a rude awakening On the likelihood of bumping into a police officer Adult summer camp, not as sexy as it sounds "we watch an early-sixties blonde seduce a mid-thirties male"
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