Call Your Girlfriend

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A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.

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31 janvier 2020
Bullies, harassers, and that comb-as-salad-fork incident.
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24 janvier 2020
The cumulative impact of being told that your gender or race will stop you from reaching your goal, when that goal is the presidency.
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17 janvier 2020
We talk to Claudia Yi León, the mastermind behind @TaxesforArtists to break it all down. She's accounting Xanax and we promise you will walk away with a good tidbit, whether you're terrified or all-too-well informed about managing your tax situation.
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10 janvier 2020
Get high. Watch CATS. Don't puke!
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3 janvier 2020
How do we visualize time and how do we remember a decade of life and friendship?
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27 décembre 2019
We're truly long distance as we close out the year. Aminatou and Ann leave each other voicemails. Who? Weekly shares the top three Whos who became Thems in 2019, and Emma Straub of Books Are Magic shares some of her faves this year.
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20 décembre 2019
We talk with shero and activist Chanel Miller, whose victim impact statement echoed around the internet as the anonymous Emily Doe at Brock Turner's trial.
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13 décembre 2019
We talk with writer and sex worker Lorelei Lee about how sex work can be like other kinds of labor: underpaid, boring, unfulfilling. And how the shutdown of sites like Backpage has made sex work more dangerous.
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6 décembre 2019
We rave about the power and politics of translation inspired by Emily Wilson's mind-blowingly less-misogynist translation of the Odyssey into English.
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29 novembre 2019
We demystify two big adult money moves: buying a home and investing money.
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22 novembre 2019
From TV crime dramas like SVU to the explosion in true crime podcasts, we delve into the public - and especially women’s - fascination with murder content.
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15 novembre 2019
We talk with artist Shirin Neshat about her solo exhibition at the Broad museum in Los Angeles.
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8 novembre 2019
We talk with authors Mary HK Choi and Liana Finck about their delightful new books. Plus, what we're reading: fiction, memoir and actionable non-fiction about climate change. Share your reading list on instagram with #cygbooks.
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5 novembre 2019
In a bonus episode to promote the current season of the Color Full Lives podcast, presented by State Farm we listen into Aminatou with co-hosts Tonya Rapley and Angela Yee.
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1 novembre 2019
Butt dials, Katie Hill, corny candidates and Drake, fake reviews, and speaking truth to power.
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25 octobre 2019
What does it take to live your ideals? We discuss growing up and trying to make a positive change in the world with former UN Ambassador Samantha Power.
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18 octobre 2019
Life on the road, impeachment inches forward, and are vitamins for real? Plus, we talk to one of our favorite writers, Sarah Hagi, about Scamnadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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11 octobre 2019
Mortician and author Caitlin Doughty on death, feminist-style.
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4 octobre 2019
Friend of the podcast Hillary Rodham Clinton returns with Chelsea Clinton to discuss their recent joint project, The Book of Gutsy Women.
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27 septembre 2019
A century of suffrage - but for whom? And how can we fight back against voter suppression now?
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