Beyond the Microscope - A podcast featuring women in STEM

Episode 44: Swimming with Sharks (and Rays, Skates, and Chimaeras)

15 février 2018
Gather ’round, guys and gills! (See what I did there?) We have a brand new episode featuring shark researcher Melissa Cristina Marquez. Melissa is the founder of The Fins United Initiative, which is a shark, skate, ray and chimaera education and conservation program aiming to unite fin lovers worldwide. She’s also given a TedX talk on “Sharks and Female Scientists: More Alike Than You Think” We chat about the awesomeness of marine life, swimming with the sharks, tagging skates, rays, and chimaeras and, of course, Sharknado. And yes, she does have a favorite shark, and no they’re really not going to kill you. Settle in for a fin-tastic time!  

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