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The “podcast-to-go” that Women in Tech were waiting for. A short and practical format to unlock the tech industry and make it move for real! Each week, we will share about practical tools and actionable advice. In only 10 minutes, you will get the most of our top guests, to build a successful career or grow your business. Join us on 50intech.com 50inTech is The Fast-Track-App for Women in Tech and all those who want to build smart gender equity for Tech. Made with love. The 50inTech team.

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12 juin 2019
My name is Emmanuelle Flahault-Franc, I amDirector of communications for Iris Capital, a European VC,  co-author of the book “Into the French Tech” and have been working in tech for over 12 years now.  I would like to talk with you about the lack of female VC and the fact that many women need to actually consider that job as probably a second-time career job or maybe a new job for the younger generation. What’s a VC or an investor?  VC is an acronym for venture capitalist, somebody who will invest money in your company and your startup and who will follow you across your path. This is very different from a banker. We are not loaning you money, investors decide to come with you on the project, they invest money, they invest time, they invest energy with you.  And being a VC has two sides of the job,  1: You are ready to invest everything you've got and 2 : you actually hate to take risks because entrepreneurs take risks. Being a VC is making sure you can bet on people and you can bet on projects and not just decide who will get you all the money back but also making sure you are ready to make big decisions.  Try and test, if it does work its magic if it does not work it's not a big drama. Why you should be a VC especially if you’re a woman? Because it's not a job about money, or figures, it's not about calculating all the time how much money you're going to make.This is not being a trader. Being a VC, is about being passionate of and about entrepreneurs, wanting to work with them, and the best for them, wanting to make sure that they ask for the right money, and you provide the right money, and helping them on making sure the project is shaped the right way.   (...)The first thing you do as a VC is meeting and chasing, so there is a lot of hunting, for the best companies, the best entrepreneurs. Every VC will tell you that they invest in people more than in techs.  And who's the best person to encourage more diversity? A woman, because we care about lots of different people. (...) When I joined Iris Capital there were very little women and I expressed my doubts. They told me : ”We used to be the only fund in Paris, with two female investors. Unfortunately they left and have amazing careers now. Can you really force them to stay with you? No you can't.”  I decided to join the fund to make sure that my voice as a woman and as a feminist was heard. Being a feminist is not a woman topic it’s an everyone topic. If you go to pitch to a VC, do not fear to say that you would like to see more females, more diversity. It will encourage them to hire more women,  juniors, seniors. If you think that being a VC is only for people who love finance, who love spreadsheets, data, then you might be wrong. Of course it's part of the job, of course you have to be able to read, write, correct a budget,  a P&L with an entrepreneur but most of your job is understanding their field and what they do. You can be a VC coming from finance obviously but also from marketing, having been an entrepreneur previously, or a manager. Being a VC is making sure you can support entrepreneurs If they are in trouble, if they cannot reach a corporate, if they feel insecure, if they need a boost on how to make the biggest sales. You have to make sure you are passionate as much as they are and you are able to go with them across the journey. That’s not a finance job, that’s a human being job  I've decided to join  50intech because I think that lots of things are badly perceived and badly understood and i would like to help you navigate that.
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29 mai 2019
Hello, my name is Dagne Lejina. I am from Latvia, from Riga. I call myself  “Oratora”.  And this is also the name, of the public speaking company I founded just last year.Why I did it ? I am a PR professional with 20 years of experience.  I am here because I am in particular interested in Tech and the startup world. 5 years ago, I founded the Digital Freedom Festival. One of the biggest Tech events in the Baltic Sea region. Gathering 2000 people every year in Riga.  This Festival, was an eye-opener for me. You cannot imagine my own embarrassment when I saw in my first tech event that I got maybe 10% of women on stage. (...) If I don't make a special effort to get more women on the stage in this Tech event, nothing will change.  So we put this goal to have 50% women speakers. Easy to say, hard to do. Especially in the Tech world. Just look at the statistics. Only 10% women  are founders of startup companies. Only 20-30% of women are working in IT Tech companies, depending on the country. There is obviously a huge face bro and if we say that we are living in a digital Revolution so where are the women fighters ?  At that moment  I made the choice.  Instead of being this angry person who is tweeting all the time about all-male panels. I decided that I want to make positive change and I want to influence this change myself. (...) I see public speaking as a very very important leadership transformation instrument. Both internally, as a person, as a personality but also in a career, professionally. (...)Tech and startups world is so much around sharing ideas on stage, evangelist, pitching ideas, inspirational talks about the purposes of of transforming the world. I could say in the Tech world and especially for the women: if you are not on stage you do not exist. My advice is: instead of being angry maybe we, women, have to start holding our room. We have to help each other. We should inspire each other.  1/ you should start with yourself. You have to recognize your powerful, positive, high status. Some people call it Charisma or confidence. Some people say: “wow, that speaker really radiates on stage”. People really feel it, they love it. And this positive attitude is what really counts. 2/ check what happens internally what your heart is passionate about and what your mind really cares. (...). Maybe you are not the best expert or the smartest person in the room on everything. But you can definitely be the most passionate about something.   3/ Recognize and stop all these internal, killing, negative dialogues. Recognize imposter syndrome and  lower all the barriers of perfectionism. Make it just good enough. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. 4/ Get a mentor a person who can help you narrow down your topics, discuss presentations, inspire you, and most of all will not let you say last-minute stop. 5/ It is okay actually to be afraid to be on stage. Some statistics say that 75% of  people  are afraid of being on stage.  6/ Your breath is a super powerful instrument you have, in any case. It's always good idea to breathe. Inhale and exhale.  7/A good presentation is all about preparation. One minute speech requires one hour  preparation. 8/ Take off the pressure from your own ego. Do not concentrate so much on you but concentrate on the audience instead. Audience is the key. 
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21 mai 2019
My name is Marie. I am the CEO and co-founder of Aiden.ai.  We are an AI startup. We started in 2017. I have one co-founder who is the CTO of the company,PJ, and he worked at Apple before he started Aiden. I worked in mobile app marketing for 8 years. We went from 2 people in 2017 and a low quality minimum viable product or MVP to a team of 12 people, 2 years later. We built a software called Aiden, that is used by mobile app marketing teams to get better results from their paid acquisition campaigns. It is an AI assistant that relies on machine learning to analyze facebook, google adds, snapchat, twitter... campaigns automatically and it produces recommandations that marketers can implement in all those different channels in a single click. (...) we raised two rounds of funding to fund the company. A pre-seed Angel round of $750,000 joined by strategic Angel Investors such as the head of deep learning at Apple, Nicolas Pinto, and Alexandre Legrand who is a serial AI/NLP entrepreneur, who’s now the founder of Nabla The second round was particularly interesting. We closed then a seed round, 18 months after the pre-seed round, of  1.6 million. I was 6 months pregnant when we started the process. And my daughter was four months old when we closed that round. And it’s the one obviously that I’m going to talk about more today.  (...)Start by being very pragmatic and identifying all of the VCs that could potentially invest at your stage. (…)Do not waste time with people who are just going to see you for the sake of it. Because VCs will always take a meeting with you. (…)  set a deadline for yourself, decide exactly when it is you want to close the round and tell the investors that. No time to waste. Start early. Fundraising can take ages, The second thing is, make sure to take all the VC meetings within a period of two to three weeks and tell the VCs that this is what you’re doing. Tell them “We need to have a decision on whether we’re going to the next step, next stage by the end of november for example. How does that look for you?”. Essentially you explain what the context is and you ask the VC. Put it to them basically. Put the ball in their court, basically. Ask them whether or not with your timelines they are able to make a decision fast enough.  What VC's don't tell you, unless you ask them, is that they may be in the middle of raising a fund, maybe they haven't closed it yet, maybe they have restrictions about how many investments they can make.  Never leave the meeting without knowing what the next step is. “Yes” is better than “No” but there is nothing worse than a “Maybe” It's not because you are pregnant that you need to rush things.  Don't give up anything that you don't want to give up just because you are pregnant.   (...) do you bring this up when you are in a VC  meeting? Most of the time you don't have to because it's quite visible. You are literally the elephant in the room. But I never, ever, mention this because I don't apologize for being pregnant.   If people want to just ask how you are going to be handling the maternity leave, let them ask but don't anticipate it.   it's easier to fundraise when you're pregnant if you have a co-founder.  You have to be quite objective. Investing for VCs in startups is high risk. So you cannot deny that, whether they tell you or not, they just look at you as being a risk.  (...) Do not forget that you are pregnant, the most important thing is you and your baby : listen to yourself.  Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/50intech/message
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15 mai 2019
In this opening episode, Caroline Ramade, founder and CEO of 50inTech will explain: 1/ Why it was so urgent to launch 50intech.com 2/ How to give and take actionable advice on the 50inTech platform 3/ The reason why those first podcasts-to-go for women in tech have been created I have always been committed into gender equality.  Before launching 50inTech, I ran a gender lens incubator based in Paris - WILLA, which supported 500 women led-startup. And I saw all the barriers and obstacles that women in tech are facing. Rather to talk about diversity, I choose to act for diversity and create an actionable tool to unlock the Tech Industry, involving all the ecosystem players, women and men. At 50inTech, our ambition, is to operate the change needed to reach 50% of women in tech by 2050. So why It was so urgent to launch 50inTech? It all started with data: where are you Women in Tech? Only 10% of female co-founders, 3% of CEOs, 9% of female investors, less than 25% of women in the digital force. Another shocking data: Female founders get a dismal of 2.7% of all venture capital. Guess what ?  Startups co-founded by women are performing 63% better than all-male founded teams, and with 50% of women in tech, Europe GDP would increase by 9 billion euros What is 50inTech? 50inTech is The Fast-Track App for women in tech The 50inTech platform is inclusive, easy-to-activate and business-oriented  providing useful advice, practical tools  and a powerful social network  Our ambition is to create the biggest pipeline of Women in Tech, worldwide. And for that, we designed 4 main features : SHARE: Learn from your peers or tech industry leaders and share your experiences and best practices, guidance on entrepreneurship, funding, careers and leadership. - Join Discussions in and out of groups, Ask Me Anything sessions, Surveys MATCH: Take advantage of the power of the 50inTech network to overcome your day-to-day challenges by receiving bespoke support from investors, incubators, mentors, companies and the international community of Women in Tech - Ask/offer, office hour, 1:1 call, mentorship - UNLOCK: Inclusion is all about action. Master the codes of the tech ecosystem thanks to our useful tools - best curated contents, tech& start-up dictionary and our exclusive 50inTech podcast-to-go - ACHIEVE: Tracking of your personal objectives, posts follow-up, financial metrics50inTech is collaborative : “give first, take after” We believe women need to learn how to share their advice and skills as an innovative way to fight the impostor syndrome. That is why we encourage support, mentoring, sharing and feedback within our community, Everyone can become in turn: a mentor or mentee on our platform. Last but not least, The 50inTech Podcast is one hundred % actionable. It's very simple : no interview, and no digression ;-),  Just 10 minutes of practical advice and sharing of experiences. That’s why the whole 50inTech community is invited to contribute in the 50inTech podcast and give their advice to boost Women in Tech to next level or share with us their process to increase diversity and inclusion. So if you also get tired of the tech boy's club, with white men, barely 30 years old,  Join the evolution   Join www.50intech.comSend in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/50intech/message
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